Ansu Fati Net Worth (Updated) 2023: How Much Rich Is The Football Player Actually?


The details of the net worth and earnings of professional footballer, Ansu Fati has been released on a new article on According to this report, the football player’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as well as his endorsements earning him an extra $1 million per year.

Ansu Fati Estimated Net Worth

Ansu Fati Net Worth & Salary

Net Worth $15 Million
Annual Salary $2 Million
Source of Income Football/Endorsements
Cars $300K
House $400K

Ansu Fati Wife/Family

His wife Jordan Henderson is also a source for additional income – she earns around £3million from her modeling career each year. In addition, there are some other interesting facts about this athlete that have been revealed in the article such as his family background and his bank balance which comes out at £5million.

He even got married last year to Jordan Henderson’s wife! His new wife’s name is Kimberly Henderson-Fati (Ansu) and they had their daughter Amelie together this spring.

Ansu Fati Endorsements

That’s a huge number! But on top of that, he also earns money through endorsement deals with Nike and Adidas.

With endorsements from Nike, Adidas, Puma and Coca-Cola totaling around $500k per year, this places her annual earning at about $5 million per year or more than twice what many Americans make annually! This successful soccer player also happens to be married to English footballer Jordan Henderson who earns £80k per week ($112k).

Ansu Fati is a professional footballer who plays for Liverpool and the Nigerian national football team. She was born in Kaduna, Nigeria on May 12th 1997. Due to her success as an athlete, she has become one of the most famous celebrities in Nigeria. Her net worth is estimated at $4 million dollars.

Ansu Fati Income

What is the net worth of professional footballer, Ansu Fati? A lot of people want to know how much he is worth. We don’t know for sure, but we do have some information about his earnings and endorsements. The first thing you should know about Ansu is that he has made more than $300 million in his career so far.

Professional footballer, Ansu Fati Net Worth 2023 has been revealed. The 24 year old is currently playing for Liverpool and was born in Lome, Togo.

His current net worth is $20 million and he earns $1 million a year from endorsements. He is Jordan Henderson’s wife and they have 2 children together. You can find out more about his height, weight and family life have been already discussed and mentioned.