Top 10 Beautiful Sports Trophies in The World (Updated List 2023)


Different things and scenarios build up passion and enthusiasm in Sportsmen to give their best efforts, and glittering Trophies are one of them. Of course, nothing makes an athlete feel better than uplifting a Victory Cup.

Every child trains, plays, and competes from early childhood till their professional career with the only goal of taking home Silverware and experiencing follow-up celebrations. Perhaps, many achieve this dream timely, while others never do.

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In short, Trophies are a kind of genuine Spirit and Inspiration for any Player or team, and that’s why every major Sports Event ends with an Awards Ceremony in which the winners are privileged with Iconic trophies.

Professionally, Trophies exemplify the stature of a particular sport, with most having a long history. The looks of different Awards change over time, while a few retain original designs and attire from fifty or more years ago.

It is pertinent to mention that most Sports Organizations keep the original trophies at their Museums and award the winning teams with Replicas. Here is the list of the Top 10 Most Iconic Sports Trophies in the World.

 Sr.No Sports Category Trophy Title
1 Football FIFA World Cup Trophy
2 Cricket The Ashes
3 Men’s Singles Tennis The Wimbledon
4 Rugby Webb Ellis Cup
5 NHL Stanley Cup
6                    ODI Cricket ICC World Cup Trophy
7             Olympics/Multi Sport Olympic Gold Medal
8                       Boxing Heavyweight Belt
9                       Football UEFA Champions League Trophy
10 Rugby Bouclier de Brennus

 FIFA World Cup Trophy – Football

  • Awarded For: Winning Football World Cup
  • Made of: 18-carat gold
  • Introduced in: 1974 FIFA World Cup
  • Designer: Stabilimento Artistico Bertoni (Italy)

FIFA World Cup Trophy is probably the Most Prestigious in the World. The tournament plays after every four years, and the winning team receives this gold-built award. Notably, the current FIFA Trophy was first introduced in the 1974 FIFA World Cup after it replaced the original Jules Rimet Trophy that was last awarded in 1970. The present FIFA Cup contains 18-carat gold and visualizes two human bodies holding the earth.

The Ashes – Cricket

  • Awarded for: Winner of 5 test match series between England & Australia
  • Made of: Terracotta and a Burnt Bail
  • Introduced in: 1883-84
  • Designer: Not Known

Cricketing History claims that the Ashes is one of the oldest test series played between Australia and England in 1882. Another controversial opinion also says that it was the first game where Australia defeated England on their home ground. And this point of view is backed by the British newspaper “Sporting times,” which published an article about the “death of cricket in England and ashes set to be taken to Australia,” indicating Australia’s win against England.

A year later, the English team visited Australia and promised to get back the ashes. Since then, Australia and England have played a yearly test series known as The Ashes.

Wimbledon – Men’s singles Tennis

  • Awarded For: Men’s Singles Finalist
  • Made of: Silver Gilt with 18 inches height
  • Introduced in: 1887 and then replaced with Field Cup, used in previous 6 years
  • Designer: Not Known

The Wimbledon Trophy dates back as far as the game itself. The first-ever Wimbledon Championship was held in 1877, and a trophy called Field Cup was awarded to the finalists of the Men’s Singles Event. But, William Renshaw, with three Field Cup titles twice (1877-83) and Champions Cup (1984-86), kept the trophy for a long time and prompted the organizers not just to change the design of silverware but to impose new champions rules.

Following that, the organisers made the decision to create a new-styled trophy and determined that the Original Trophy would remain at the headquarters and the Winners would receive a Replica instead. However, the name of every year champion will be engraved on the original one.

Webb Ellis Cup – Rugby

  • Awarded For: Winning Rugby Union World Cup
  • Made of: Gilded silver and weighs around 4.5 kg
  • Introduced in: 1987
  • Designer: Carrington & Co. of London

The Webb Ellis Cup is the highest-grade trophy awarded to the Winner of the Rugby Union World. The original silverware was made in 1906 by Carrington and Co of London; however, before the start of first Rugby World Cup in 1987, the organizers started looking for a suitable trophy for the world cup and ended up selecting the Garrard & Co.’s aesthetically pleasing cup. The Trophy was handed to the winner of the first Rugby World Cup, and with mutual approval from all the participating nations, the name of the cup was changed to Webb Ellis.

Stanley Cup – NHL

  • Awarded For: Winning playoffs in National Hockey League (NHL)
  • Made of: Silver & Nickel Alloy and weighs at around 15.5 kilograms
  • Introduced in: 1893
  • Designer: Lord Stanley

The Stanley Cup concludes with a fascinating and lengthy history. According to a widely held belief, the trophy is named after Lord Stanley, the governor of Canada between the 1880s and 1890s, who brought a rose bowl and gave it as silverware each year to Canada’s top hockey team. Indeed, Lord Stanley was an ice hockey enthusiast who helped to advance the sport in Canada and started the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, an annual competition. Soon, the Canadian and American Leagues emerged, in which teams of both countries appear in play-offs, and the final two teams compete for Stanley Cup.

ICC World Cup Trophy – ODI Cricket

  • Awarded for: Winners of ICC’s 50/50 over Matches
  • Made of: Gold & Silver with 60-cm height
  • Introduced In: 1999 – present
  • Designer: Garrard & Co (the Crown Jewelers in London)

The ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy is awarded to the winners of 50 overs cricket champions. The legendary Paul Marsden of Garrard & Co. designed the present ICC Cup, which is composed of silver and gold, and it was added to the list in 1999. Exploring the design, the ICC’s World Cup Trophy comprises a golden globe integrated with three silver columns. The columns reflect the Batting, Bowling, and Fielding, three fundamental aspects of the game, and the globe visualize Cricket balls. Before this, different Silverware were used for each world, varying according to the event’s sponsors. However, the ICC decided to make the present trophy a permanent prize for the winner.

Olympic Gold Medal – Olympics/Multi-sport

  • Awarded For: Finishing first in any Sports Discipline in Summer Olympics
  • Made of:5% Silver with minimum of 6 Grams of Gold
  • Worth: Material wise only $600
  • Designer: Not Known

The first-ever Olympics were held in Athens back in 1896 with 43 categories in nine different sports. After gaining massive success, the event started to host every four years. In 1904, the organizers of the Olympics introduced Gold, Bronze, and Silver Medals for the top three position holders in each discipline. Soon, those Medals become the glory of the Olympics, and worldwide athletes efficiently compete to attain significantly important medals.

Heavyweight Championship Belt – Boxing

  • Awarded For: Winning the Boxing Heavyweight Division
  • Made of: Gold/silver
  • Designer: Not Known

There was a time when the Heavyweight Championship Belt was the only reward for the winners of this particular division. However, the prestigious trophy lost its significance after the intervention of multiple belts in a similar category, and it’s a tragedy. The whole downfall scenario of Boxing started after Muhammad Ali’s era, given that currently, there are four major Heavyweight Championship Belts, due to which the original one has lost its charm and prestige.

UEFA Champions League Trophy – Football

  • Awarded For: Winners of Champions League
  • Made of: Silver and weighs 11kg
  • Designer: Jurg Stadelmann

UEFA Champions League is a top-tier Football Competition in Europe, and the winner of this event receives the historic European Champions Club’s Cup. The UEFA Trophy has a long history, and it went through various design alterations to reach its current shape. The original European Cup was donated by L Equipe, a French sports newspaper, and it was awarded permanently to Real Madrid in 1967. The original trophy replacement was made in 2006, while the original cup remains in UEFA’s custody, and the winners are awarded a replica.

Bouclier de Brennus – Rugby

  • Awarded For: Winners of Rugby Union Domestic League
  • Made of: Brass Shield and Plaque
  • Introduced In: 1892
  • Designer: Not Known

The Bouclier de Brennus is a trophy given to the champions of the French Rugby Union Domestic League. A popular opinion related to this cup is that it is named after the famous Gallic warrior Bernnus, while a few believe it’s rather an artist Charles Brennus. Anyhow, the trophy comprises a brass shield and plaque, fixed on a wooden support. Of course, Brennus Shield is the most prestigious and integral part of French Sporting Culture.

People also Ask

Q: What is the Most Valuable/Expensive Trophy in the World?

A: Presently, the FIFA World Cup Trophy is marked as the most expensive sports trophy, with a whopping $20 Million worth. The Cup reflects two Human Statues holding up the Earth. Notably, the initial cost of this trophy was $50,000, which eventually grew to $20 Million as of 2023.

Q: What are the 4 Major Trophies?

A: Technically, the Quadruple refers to 4 Major European Football Leagues Trophies. The term quadruple is used when any English Football Cup wins the Carabao Cup, FA Cup, Champions League, and Premier League in the same season.

Q: Who has won the Most Trophies Ever?

A: In Football, Davi Alves, the Brazilian Footballer, keeps the record for winning the most trophies by an Individual, with nearly 43 titles throughout pro-career. The GOAT Lionel Messi and Hossam Ashour are in second and third position with 41 and 39 cups, respectively.