10 Best Cricket Bats for Leather Ball 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide


Picking up the best cricket bats for leather ball was the most difficult task for us, and we presume it for you too. There are several choices available and steer you toward the inaccurate choice. The primary features of a leather ball cricket bat are; it must have top-quality willow, handle according to your age & height, capable of hitting long-range shots with a robust blade and a strong grip.

A superior cricket bat is a considerable investment for your cricket career. The right choice means you have won half of the contest. Rather than the type of willow, there are many significant points that you need to consider while choosing a cricket bat for a leather ball, such as weight, willow grade, grains, edges’ thickness, and budget.

List of 10 Best Cricket Bats for Leather Ball

When it comes to leather ball bats, you must examine which design and variety suit you the best. For this, please go through our comprehensive and accurate reviews and buying guide for the best cricket bats for leather ball. 

After using several bats, we have sorted out the 10 finest leather ball bats along with a detailed review for you. Check them out so that you won’t regret them after purchase. 

1.TC 360+ Premium Kashmiri Willow Cricket bat

<strong>Important Specification</strong>
  • Manufacturer Brand: New Balance
  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 5 x 35 inches
  • Item weight: 2.65 pounds
  • Willow Type: Kashmir Willow
  • Weight: 1090 grams
  • Edge thickness: 40mm 

Unbiased Review

New Balance TC 360+ Cricket bat is a top-quality bat manufactured for superior stroke-making, appropriate for chasing away the front foot and bringing off the back foot, crafted from first-class Kashmir willow material. The willow is extremely lightweight that offers the player premium performance, stability, and strength.

According to our judgment, TC 360+ is not a heavyweight bat and weighs approximately 1090 grams. However, NB 360+ is slightly lighter in weight than the standard threshold value (1200 grams to 1400 grams), ensuring more handling and balance. 

Moreover, the handle is made up of Malaysian Sarawak Cane that guarantees you great graceful pickup and considerable control on the ball. Its beautiful thick edges match the standard thickness criteria (40mm) accurately and help hit powerful shots with the help of its flat face.

The new balance has added a top-quality toe guard to make it more convenient and flexible to use. Whether you are playing with it on the moisturized ground or anywhere else, they will prevent the bat from any physical damage and contribute to increasing its lifespan. 

TC 360 is a greatly designed cricket bat and follows all the ICC all-embracing standards. Lastly, we have experienced some minute snags in it that are important to share with you. In addition, the bat is shorter and unsuitable for players having tall height and not suitable for hard tennis balls. Briefly, New Balance TC 360+ is among the best cricket bats for leather ball.

  • It’s the most lightweight bat. 
  • It provides extra handling due to its weight. 
  • Made with good grade Kashmir willow. 
  • Edge thickness is enough to play long-range shots. 
  • Toe guard is a plus. 
  • Suitable for leather balls.
  • Not for people with tall height.

2. SS Cricket Bat Gladiator Kashmir Willow

Important Specification
  • Manufacturer Brand: Sunridges
  • Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 6 x 34 inches
  • Item weight: 2.12 pounds
  • Willow Type: Kashmir Willow
  • Weight: 1150 – 1250 grams
  • Edge Type: Concave Edges

Unbiased Review

The up-to-date SS Gladiator Kashmir Willow cricket bat is a well-built and strong bat that perfectly suits all-level cricket innings. The bat is manufactured for bumpy use and offered by popular Sunridges Sports (a famous Indian cricket brand).

The SS Gladiator bat is crafted from Kashmir willow, slightly heavier in weight (brown color) than English willow but affordable. The hand-picked grade 1 willow ensures great strength. According to our observation, the handle is made up of multiple pieces (cane handle), which offers more comfort and ease in performance. 

Furthermore, we received it along with a good quality bat cover (free of cost) that is a plus and helps you in carrying it effortlessly. Its beautiful fabricated design displaces its usefulness to a new level. Additionally, we found it appropriate for cricket training sessions and practical fields too.

A short handle with the combination of a strong blade provides high durability and ball pick. Secondly, its rebound characteristic incurved edges help in powerful hitting. Further, we experienced a comfortable grip due to the Sarawak cane made short handle.

When you use it, it will give the feeling of top-range cricket bats to others. Besides all, it is not good if you are 6.0’ or above because you will feel the handle short (even the bat too). Also, not suitable for T20 matches and long innings. Subsequently, it’s an excellent bat for the money. 

  • It’s a lightweight bat with a short handle. 
  • Good to play with leather balls. 
  • Due to the top Kashmir willow, the performance is incredible. 
  • It comes with a robust cover to carry it. 
  • Worth buying for the money. 
  • Nice color and good for starters. 
  • It is not made for long-hour matches. 
  • Don’t play it with hard tennis and a tape ball. 

3. SS Kashmir Willow Leather Ball Cricket Bat by Yogi Sports

Important Specification
  • Manufacturer Brand: Sunridges
  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 5 x 35 inches
  • Item weight: 2.65 pounds
  • Willow Type: Kashmir Willow
  • Weight: 1101 grams
  • Handle Type: Short

Unbiased Review

SS Kashmir willow cricket bat by Yogi sports is a superpower bat exceptionally designed for leather ball cricket. It is specially made for forceful strikers with the help of adequate encounters in the middle lower half of the blade.

We have found it full-sized (for Men), satisfactory for all beginners, teenagers, and adult cricket players. It comes with a top-quality short handle that offers a comfortable grasp and maximum control on the hitting of the cricket balls.

If we talk about the weight, it weighs only 1010 grams, which is considered a lightweight bat. We noticed it is flimsy and ideal in handling when you are going to perform like a pro. Moreover, we have noticed clear grains on its premium quality Kashmir Willow that tell us about the willow age. We have noted 3 – 5 grains on its surface, which is proof of its good quality.

The included bat cover in the packaging is a plus (you do not need to pay extra). In addition, SS offers you the facility to verify SS holograms; you can easily check the authenticity with the help of an easy-to-use mobile application. 

Above all, we have experienced some weak points of the SS Kashmir Willow leather ball bat. Firstly, the handle feels weak when we hit the ball forcefully, and the overall bat quality is average. But, in conclusion, it’s one of the best cricket bats for leather ball and the players having intermediate skills.

  • It’s a good-looking bat. 
  • It comes with a nice cover and an extra grip. 
  • Lightweight bat.
  • Worth the money. 
  • Balanced and easy handling. 
  • The handle is not of good quality.

4. S G Kashmir Willow Leather Ball Cricket Bat

Important Specification
  • Manufacturer Brand: SKIHI
  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 5 x 33 inches
  • Item weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Willow Type: Kashmir Willow
  • Handle Type: Short

Unbiased Review

S G Kashmir willow leather ball cricket bat is a top-notch bat with a beautiful traditional design (Boundary Classic). It is made up of first-class Kashmir willow, which enhances its overall performance and quality. The amazing fact is that its design is like the conventional cricket bats. This characteristic makes it more attractive among the players due to its simplicity.

It comes with classic stylish blue color stickers on both surfaces that give it an elegant and charming look. We felt that these sticky labels also protect it from wear and tear from where they are placed on the bat. Moreover, its classic style reminds us of the old cricket bat designs and provides the greatest stability while performing.

According to our experience, it’s an out-of-the-box product only due to its strength. Furthermore, a layer of grain tape is pasted on the front face to confirm the extra protection. In actuality, the S G Kashmir Willow cricket bat is a short handle bat to provide you a more comfortable and solid hand-grip. We have observed that you will not feel any difficulty playing the powerful shorts due to its state-of-the-art short handle. 

Apart from that, the short handle is created from the most refined Singapore cane with the exclusive three-way placing of the cork between splits and disturbance soak up. Rather than the characteristics mentioned above, we perceived some dull points related to the SG leather ball cricket bat. The bat is a little bit heavier, and you must have cricket experience to handle it. Lastly, it’s a typical bat. 

  • It’s a good-looking bat with impressive performance.  
  • It is perfectly made for leather balls. 
  • Great for adult players. 
  • Protection cover is a plus. 
  • A little bit heavier than other similar bats. 

5. BDM Smasher 20-20 English Willow Wood Cricket Bat

Important Specification
  • Manufacturer Brand: BDM 
  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 5 x 33 inches
  • English Willow: Imported from England
  • Willow Type: English Willow
  • Handle Type: Short

Unbiased Review

BDM Smasher 20-20 is an outstanding bat crafted from imported (England) English willow, popular for its powerful arc blade. It is manufactured from first-class hand-selected English Willow that makes it robust and perfect for your outstanding performance to your opponents.

Smasher 20-20 is designed to permit non-stop hits whether you play on a smooth pitch or any surface. The crafting is superb and provides an extra and substantial sweet spot that ensures maximum powerful strokes. 

If we talk about its handle, we have found its handle made with a multi-piece cane that gives essentials while playing with the leather ball. Basically, the rubber pieces are inserted in the cane piece to reduce jerking and arm vibration. 

It comes with a high-quality handle grip (available in different colors) that imparts a sturdy hand grip and great control over the bat. In addition, we observed that it’s a lightweight cricket bat (weighs only 2.10 lbs to 2.12 lbs). Thus, it meets the international weight threshold, and that’s also one of the main reasons for its prominence. 

However, suppose you are a pro player and like heavy-weight cricket bats. In that case, you can choose one of the BDM Smasher 20-20 different sizes (Medium weight, heavyweight, and extra heavyweight). Above all, we have also noticed some imperfections in it. Firstly, the wood is too dry, and the back splits from the corners after some sessions. Overall, It is among the best cricket bats for leather ball for community-level matches. 

  • The bat is fine to play good strokes. 
  • Perfect for leather balls. 
  • It’s an entry-level bat, in actuality. 
  • Permit good performance. 
  • The wood is dried and needs some moisture. 
  • After playing hard, the wood starts splitting (corners) due to dryness. 

6. SS Slogger Cricket Bat Kashmir Willow by Sunridges 

Important Specification
  • Manufacturer Brand: SS
  • Product Dimensions: 34.25 x 4.72 x 3.54 inches
  • Item weight: 2.68 pounds
  • Willow Type: Kashmir Willow
  • Handle Type: Short Handle (Full size)

Unbiased Review

SS Slogger Kashmir Willow cricket bat is a distinguished entry in KW bats having vigorous reinforcement on the borders. It’s a flawless bat to play with hard and soft leather balls. Available in short handle, perfectly suitable for players having intermediate skills. Furthermore, this short handle also proposed a complete control on blade swing by providing a good sweet spot.

Moreover, it comes with a robust SS bat cover that is a great addition to this model. It assists you in carrying it from one place to another easily and provides shielding against scratches and any other physical damage. Additionally, the curvy edges strengthen the willow to another level. Finally, the sides are covered with high-quality fiber tape to give an extra layer of protection.

Its weight range is 1180-1250 grams, but after measuring, it was about 2.5 lbs. Due to its rated weight, its name also comes in the list of lightweight cricket bats. In addition, it has many excellent body features such as edges, curves, sweet spots, and overall design.

It has a full sticky label at the back surface and halfway at the front surface. It gives it a great look and also saves the ball from leaving color spots etc. Besides, no toe guard is included in the packaging, making it lag from other similar cricket bats. Otherwise, it’s the best Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat. 

  • Made with good grade Kashmir willow. 
  • Covers with extra fiber tape for protection. 
  • Good for seasoned leather ball cricket tournaments. 
  • Free SS cover is a plus. 
  • A significant number of grains on the surface. 
  • The toe guard is missing. 
  • Not satisfactory to play in a moisturized pitch. 

7. Pro Impact Cricket Bat – Full Size, Lightweight & Strong

Important Specification
  • Manufacturer Brand: Pro Impact
  • Willow Type: Kashmir Willow
  • Handle Type: Short Handle (Full size)

Unbiased Review

The Pro Impact cricket bat is an exclusive bat employed to strike even with a hard leather ball against your opponent. It is competently constructed by utilizing first-rated Kashmir Willow to help you in showing long-running performances in front of the audience.

One thing that is necessary to tell you that this bat needs knocking before playing with a ball or mallet. So, don’t forget to knock it whenever you want to play with it. Pro Impact wood is crafted to play with hard leather balls (not for tennis balls) due to its robust design. 

In addition, the handle is enveloped by durable rubber sleeves that increase its durability. Due to this reason, it is easy to grab hats off for the finest rubber sleeve. Also, it offers supplementary comfort when you hold the bat. Most suitable for long-run cricket practice sessions.

The shape is designed for optimal performance and remarkable pickup. Due to its structure, the bat feels lighter to pick up (not in actuality) and allows you better control on hitting and swinging. 

This pro Impact cricket bat is very lightweight and comes in the list of full adult size bats. Besides, we found it a better choice for individual practice at home or club cricket sessions. Lastly, the grip that starts ripping very soon is the only weak point we noticed. Besides, it is on our list of best cricket bats for leather ball.

  • Lightweight and does its job perfectly. 
  •  Easy for hitting 6s. 
  • It yields good bat quality. 
  • Perfectly balanced. 
  • Excellent for the power play. 
  • The grip starts tearing early.
  • You have to buy oil before using it (for oiling purposes). 

8. SS SS10030011S5 Josh Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Important Specification
  • Manufacturer Brand: Cricket Merchant LLC
  • Product Dimensions: 33 x 6.3 x 2 inches
  • Item weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Willow Type: Kashmir Willow
  • Handle Type: Short Handle (Full size)

Unbiased Review

SS Josh SS10030011S5 is best made for higher-ranking players and built with grade one Kashmir Willow. It comes with robust packaging, and also a transparent fiber sheet is wounded on the bat to protect it from wear and tear.

Let’s start with the cover quality; the carrying cover is of standard quality (better than ordinary bat covers) and delivers good protection in terms of price. The look of the bat is great, like other top-rated cricket bats. Also, the labeled stickers are of preferable quality.

It’s a short handle full-size cricket bat to deliver rocky performance for intermediate skills. Similarly, the grip consists of different types of patterns such as zigzag, lining, etc. So, you can hold it at any point on the grip; it will ensure solid grabbing. The handle is made with the Sarawak cane with three pieces inserted that make it suitable for all leather balls. Thereby, we cannot understand how much grain it has because of the fiber tape.

The thickness of the bat is fine to hit long-range shots. Also, the bat’s weight is neither too light nor too heavy; we can say that it’s an average weight bat (1160 grams). The toe guard is not included, but you can attach it by yourself. In summary, it’s one of the best cricket bats for leather ball to improve your cricket playing skills. 

  • The shielding cover is of good quality. 
  • Average weight bat. 
  • Best for improving your skills. 
  • Thick edges. 
  • Good sweet spot. 
  • It does not have a toe guard. 
  • Not suitable for T20 or long-hour matches. 

9. SPORTAXIS Premium Backyard Cricket Set

Important Specification
  • Manufacturer Brand: SportAxis
  • Product Dimensions: 33 x 12 x 5 inches
  • Item weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Handle Type: Short Handle (Full size)

Unbiased Review

SportAxis brings a fantastic offer for you in terms of premium quality backyard cricket bat with a complete kit. The whole kit is manufactured by top-grade (1st grade) PP plastic, increasing its durability and making it robust. Furthermore, we have realized that the packaging contains everything that a player needs to play cricket at a very reasonable price, i.e., a bat, two balls, three stumps, 1 carrying bag, two bails.

Furthermore, the material used is lightweight, which makes you capable of carrying it anywhere. Also, all the accessories are waterproof, which gives you the freedom to play in any type of environment and prevent water tearing. 

We found it specially designed for beginners at cricket and kids. The SportAxis kit is appropriate to develop team-making skills, social interaction, coordination, and leather ball practice. Moreover, it is perfect to increase your playing balance, sweet spot settings and improve bat & ball coordination. 

After experiencing it, it’s not an utterly full-sized bat but nearer to it. Its size is enough that an adult can easily play with it. The only snag we noted is that it’s not for professional players. All in all, it is a good purchase for your children and teens. 

  • Made up of good quality material.
  • It might be a great gift for your children. 
  • Cleaning tools included in the kit. 
  • Durable. 
  • Easy assembly.
  • Only suitable for teens. 

10. MRF Champion Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Important Specification
  • Manufacturer Brand: MRF
  • Item weight: 2.9 – 2.12 kg
  • Willow Type: Kashmir Willow

Unbiased Review

The champions always play with a supreme bat, which is obviously the case with MRF Champion Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat. Many top-rated cricketers use this brand’s cricket bats at the international level. We also found that the champion series is the most loved series by MRF. Due to the enormous player profile and large sweet spots, it’s a perfect bat for those players who want to show extra performance.

According to our experience, this Champion 2018 edition bat is perfectly made for hard leather balls. However, we have found its weight between 2.9 kg to 2.12 kg that is not lightweight. So, we can say that it is a bit heavier bat that provides a great sweet spot and hard-hitting.

It comes with a robust roe guard that provides extra protection if you are playing in moisturized soil. It is made with high-quality Kashmir Willow and a good choice for junior players or newbies. 

MRF champion is the most popular among other leather ball cricket bats. It is because the specification and style are comparable with upmarket English Willow bats. After using it, it has been proved that it is great for practice sessions. Besides all, we noticed that it is a bat with a shorter length. Otherwise, it’s a premium choice, and we believe you won’t regret it.

  • It is the best bat for beginners. 
  • Suitable for practice sessions. 
  • The Toe Guard is robust. 
  • Style is like top bats. 
  • Shorter in size.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Question

How to keep the leather ball bat in good condition?

There are some simple steps to keep your leather ball cricket bat in good condition. Firstly, don’t put your bat in oil. Do not hit its edges. Do not hit from the back of the bat, etc. 

Which willow is best for the cricket bats?

Mainly, there are two kinds of willows used to build a bat. However, English willow is considered to be best for cricket bats. 

Which is the best bat brand of 2021?

MRF cricket bat was nominated as the best brand for manufacturing top-notch bats in 2021. 

How often should I oil my bat?

According to the experts’ opinion, you should oil your bat once in a season and don’t oil it till the next off-season. 

Can I knock in a bat without oil?

Yes, it is possible to knock in a bat without using oil. However, there is a side effect that your bat’s life gets decreased if you do this.

Buying Guide

Always choose the right bat that matches your style best. While selecting the best cricket bats for leather ball, the crucial points are size, weight, grip, length, etc. This comprehensive buying guide will help you out to find the best cricket bats for leather ball for you. So, take a glance at it. 

Fix a Budget

Whenever you buy a cricket bat, setting a budget must be your priority before going through the online stores. It helps to lessen feasible options and saves your time by looking for those bats that are under your budget. Even though the price is not the only point to determine the best cricket bats for leather ball for you, it really helps a lot.

Imagine the shape and style in your mind

Bats are made with different shapes, edge thickness, sweet spot, and much more. All these aspects choose how the shape of the bat would be. But if you are worried about your style, we are here to help you out. Most of the bats are designed for average players’ styles. So, to tackle this situation, just notice how you play. It will make it easy to find out your style for you. 

Appropriate Weight

It is one of the most important aspects to be considered. Weight and pick-up work in a parallel manner. Remember, that bat should not be too heavy or too light as it will not yield perfect results. Here, judge your style and handling, and you will find out the weight that would be suitable for you to show rocking performance. 

The Pickup

In our opinion, the bats having a good profile and lightweight always gives an extraordinary performance. If you think heavy-weight bats are necessary to hit the ball strongly, we disagree with your opinion (it can be true in some situations but not always). 

Here, you have to examine your physical strengths and body. Try out some bats, and find out which one you feel comfortable with. So, that cricket bat will be the champion bat that will give you the perfect pickup. 


Last but not least, it’s also a crucial point before buying the best cricket bats for leather ball. There are almost 5 types of Willow grades by which cricket bats are crafted. Grade 1 means the best performance willow having 8-10 grains, and counting further decreases the performance simultaneously (it is a common rule set by the experts). So, always try to find a good grade cricket bat for best performance.


In summary, we have shared the reviews for the best cricket bats for leather ball with a comprehensive buying guide to help you out. So, choose your desired one to chase your dreams to become a victorious leather ball cricket player.

As you aim for your dream, you must be aware of the right selection. With many options available in the market, it is crucial to take the mentioned buying guide’s points into account before purchasing the right one for you. Although, here are some recommended best leather ball bats from our side: