The 10 Best Cricket Helmets in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide


Cricket is a wonderfully fun yet technical sport, as it requires a combination of timing, strength, nerve, and focus. Helmets are essential to the sport and provide players with protection against any hard objects turning in the ball’s path.

Different brands offer various features that can be useful for protecting the head area of a player. For example, certain brands focus on covering more area around the ears or face than others do, all while providing enough ventilation around the head to prevent overheating during intense games.

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A must for any player that wants to protect themselves from the dangers of the game. They are made up of various kinds of materials, such as hard shells, soft shells,s or mesh. They also have different sizes and shapes. The choice will depend on how much protection you want and how you want it to look.

There are two different types of cricket helmets, batting, and fielding helmets. The functions of both the helmets are the same but they have some differences. Batting is slightly riskier as the fast incoming ball can easily hit your head whereas in fielding if you injure your toe while sliding to catch a ball then it is not very serious as you need to be able to continue playing. Check our: Best Batting Pads – Reviews & Buying Guide

It is necessary to wear a helmet while batting because the ball travels at a faster speed when it comes towards you. This means you have lesser time to dodge it, hence, the chances of getting injured are significantly higher.

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Comparison Table:

1. DSC Guard Cricket Helmet (Navy)

Diving and submersible products are the leading suppliers of helmets in the world. The DSC Guard Cricket Helmet is a high impact resistant polypropylene outer shell that is shock resistant and sweat absorbent. The breathable mesh lining will keep you dry and comfortable while wearing this helmet.

The outer shell of the DSC Cricket Helmet is made with polypropylene. This makes the helmet hard, but durable. The polypropylene also gives it the ability to resist impact and be a shock resistant helmet. The inner lining of this helmet is made with breathable mesh material which allows air flow to circulate around your head so that you can stay dry and comfortable while wearing it.

2. SG Optipro Cricket Helmet

The SG Optipro Cricket Helmet is a product that addresses one of cricket’s biggest problems: head injuries. With its high-impact resistant outer shell and impact reducing foam inner shell, players can be more confident when they play their sport because they know that their safety has been given the utmost importance. The helmet also comes with four vents for free flow air and uses patented design to reduce the risk of side impacts, making it the perfect cricket helmet for any player!

Making their helmets safer and more comfortable, SG Optipro has made some significant improvements to the traditional cricket helmet. A polypropylene high-impact resistant outer shell that is fused with an inner shell made from impact reducing foam. This not only provides extra reinforcement against any force, but also gets rid of any unpleasant odors that can build up in the helmet. The vents have also been revised for free flow air ventilation.

3. SS Prince Cricket Helmet

The SS Prince Cricket Helmet is designed for protecting players from cricket fast bowlers. Despite its lightweight polypropylene construction, its primary components make it tough and durable. The PU foam lining helps in cushioning impacts and the powder coated steel face guard provides maximum protection against injuries. The polyester cloth covered is breathable and light weight as well.

The PU Foam padding inside provides comfort and excellent protection. The steel face guard ensures your safety from the ball. The Polyester cloth cover is water-resistant and stylish to offer protection from sweat as well as from the sun’s rays.

This product is recommended for all types of players – professionals, club players, cricketers, school teams or just casual players.

4. Yonker Club Cricket Helmet

Yonker Club Cricket Helmet is a helmet that caters to the needs of both the beginners and the intermediate level cricketers. The price of this helmet is around $35 which is affordable for most people. This helmet also has a slimline design with a more narrow peak, meaning it will not be as bulky as other helmets, making it easier to get used to while batting in matches or playing in the nets.

The shell of this cricket helmet is made from a combination of fibre glass and polyurethane foam, giving it an overall lightweight design. Capping off this cricket helmet are two-dimensional pads on both sides which offer comfort to your head and ear protection without being too bulky or heavy on your head. It has been designed with ventilation holes that provide respite from heat.

5. UnderShrey Cricket-Helmets Star Steel Helmet

With the world becoming more and more competitive, it is important for athletes to wear gear that meets safety standards. Shrey Cricket-Helms offers a durable helmet created with the latest tech- nology to meet the needs of all types of players.

In the recent world cup, they have been used by many cricketers. The helmet is much lighter than the traditional one and weighs 720 grams. It has padding on the inside so it stays comfortable while protecting your head. It also has a more open design for people who like to have easier movements when playing cricket. Moreover, this helmet has been designed for better visibility as well as ventilation.

Shrey Cricket-Helmets has been a leader in cricket and baseball equipment since 2003. They offer not only high quality cricket gear but also other products such as gym bags, yoga mats, weightlifting gloves, and winter jackets – ensuring that they are able to provide you with everything you need for a perfect.

6. KD Cricket Helmet Head Gaurd Protector Original Helmet

Kids living in congested areas, playing close to traffic, or are engaged in sports like kabaddi and cricket require head protection. The KD Helmet is designed for this purpose and has adjustable steel grill with high levels of visibility and air vents for comfort.

KD Cricket’s products are made with the latest in design and manufacturing techniques. Their head gaurds are designed with a soft, shock-absorbing foam and steel grill to protect the wearer from any impacts.

7. SS Cricket Prince Helmet’ Navy Blue Color

The SS Cricket Prince Helmet’ Navy Blue Color has many features that make it stand out from the competition. It is made of high-quality materials such as polypropylene that provide both durability and comfort while playing. The outer shell is made of polypropylene which provides durability at the same time as being light weight. A unique feature that distinguishes this helmet from others is its fabric type: swe (soft wearing) which provides an attractive matte finish and comfortable feel against the skin.

This new version came with an inner shell molded with foam that could absorb 80% of impact and dissipate the rest thereby making this new version – The SS Cricket Prince Helmet’s Navy Blue Color- more efficient than its predecessor.

8. SS Cricket Matrix Premium Cricket Helmet

The SS M2019 Cricket Helmet is designed by safety and performance experts to be the safest helmet on the market. The SS Matrix Cricket Helmet was introduced in 2012 and from then on, it has been the best-selling cricket helmet in the world.

The helmet is built for maximum protection. It has a comfortable, lightweight fit and protection for the head, face, eye area, and ear. It is made of a durable polymer material that keeps you protected even during on-field collisions. It also has protective wings to make sure that your head stays safe when batting or bowling.

9. MASURI M-OSTTSLG Original Series MK II Test Titanium Cricket Helmet

This is a description of the M-OSTTSLG Original Series MK II Test Titanium Cricket Helmet. This helmet is designed to protect athletes from severe head impact, even at high speeds. The M-OSTTSLG Original Series MK II Test Titanium Cricket Helmet’s shell is made with an advanced titanium alloy, which helps to reduce risk of dangerous brain injury.

The helmet also has a comfortable liner and suspension system for enhanced performance. This is a titanium-based helmet, which has an outer shell made of delicately-textured titanium. This is the only way to offer both lightweight protection and durability. It also means that it will be able to stand up to the toughest impacts.

10. SS Cricket Premium Grade Helmet

A cricket player, on the field, will face the sun and become dehydrated quickly. Therefor, this helmet has six vents that allow for free flow air circulation during play. The player will get a refresh feel and sweat abs from the ventilation.

The premium grade helmet from SS Cricket is designed to provide players with just the right amount of ventilation while they are playing on a scorching day. The adjustable headband of this helmet is also made of soft and stretchable material that provide an adequate fit for all sizes.

These helmets are a great investment if you are looking to take your game up a notch or two in terms of performance and comfortability while participating in a long game session!

Buying Guide of Best Cricket Helmets – How to Choose a Perfect Cricket Helmets

Choosing the best cricket helmet will not only help you to protect your head from injury but also allow you to enjoy the game and reduce the risk of accidents. Buy a helmet with a good fit and made from quality materials.

The following guide is designed to provide you with everything you need to know about buying a cricket helmet, regardless of what playing level you are. Cricket is a game played by two teams that involve the hitting of balls on a playing field with the ultimate aim of scoring more runs than the opponents.

Usually have to wear padded clothes, specially made cricket shoes and protective gear such as gloves and helmets. Players who are not wearing any protection will feel pain which can be very dangerous in the long run.

The most popular and common cricket headgear that players use is the helmet. It helps them keep their head safe from any injury or damage that may happen as they play, but there are also other types of headgear options such as bonnets and caps that players can wear depending on how they want to look when they play.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the right size for cricket helmets?
The size of the helmet should correspond to its circumference, with a few cm of overlap. The helmet should fit snugly without being too tight or too loose. A cricket ball can be used as an indicator for size if it fits in the helmet, or if you have a second helmet for use as a guide, you can measure against that.