Top 10 Best/Famous Netball Women Players (Updated List 2023)


Netball is a famous Sport globally with a lot of historical significance. The first-ever World Netball Championship was held in 1963, while the most recent Netball World Cup will commence on Aug 2023 in South Africa.

Even though the sport has flourished steadily, it successfully attracted big Nations, and presently, countries like England, Australia, Jamaica, and New Zealand have Professional Netball teams.

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Apart from Netball World Cup, this sport is also listed in CommonWealth and the Olympics, which shows its adaptiveness in Modern World. Despite the fact that men can also play netball, female teams dominate the sport’s competitions.

It is pertinent to mention that most Netball Matches are Live Telecasts through popular TV Channels, including ESPN, Sky Sports, and Star Sports. Meanwhile, you may also watch Netball Live Streaming through various Social Media.

Here is the list of the 10 Most Famous Netballers in the world, categorized on their portfolios, performances, and net worth. Surprisingly, the list has more players New Zealand and Australian players than any other country.

 Sr.No Athlete Name Country
1 Laura Langman New Zealand
2 Geva Mentor England
3 Natalie Medhurst Australia
4 Casey Kopua New Zealand
5 Jhaniele Fowler Jamaica
6 Irene van Dyk New Zealand
7                 Renae Hallinan Australia
8                 Laura Geitz Australia
9                 Maria Tutaia New Zealand
10             Natalie Von Bertouch Australia

Laura Langman – New Zealand

The top spot on our list goes to Langman for all the right reasons. She is, above all, the most reliable ANZ Championship and international player, making her the Silver Ferns’ most valuable asset. From fearless drives on incoming attacks and skill to retaliate at top speed is appreciable, while her ability to turn down opponent attacks always strengthens the defense.

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Geva Mentor – England

Mentor is no less of a Blessing for World’s Netball, as she is an exceptional goalkeeper whose performance also relishes watching. The Englishwoman has a commendable playing history and the ability to go around challenges, which occasionally surprises her. While always utilizing her tallness benefit, the Mentor masters aerial skills to dominate the field. Of course, her footwork, skillset, and positioning are unmatched in international netball.

Natalie Medhurst – Australia

Medhurst is known for her composed temperament, accuracy, adaptability, and fearlessness under pressure. Of course, she is an unopposed candidate for the world’s best goal-attack rankings list. With a full range of skills, and the ability to pull off intercepts effortlessly, Medhurst also dominates the court play as a perfect foil. For many analysts, Medhurst is the best-ever Australian Netballer as she always exhibits clever play, furnished with speed, footwork and passing.

Casey Kopua – New Zealand

The skipper Casey has everything a pro-netball player dreams of –Height, Build, and Skills. Having all these things, Kopua never hesitates to establish herself on fearless attacks and fierce drives to hit the top of the circle at an unbelievable pace. Of course, she has admirable leadership qualities, which enables her to grab 4th place on our list. For many viewers, Casey’s athleticism and circle-defense strategies make her the number one netballer in New Zealand.

Jhaniele Fowler – Jamaica

Jhaniele Fowler is the only Jamaican Netballer on our list of Top 10 Best Netball Players because she is incredibly agile and almost next to impossible to beat in court play. History openly testimony Fowler’s greatness as she was the top goal shooter in the 2013 ANZ Championships and had the guts to let her convincingly outshine any opposition, irrespective of their statuses. From an athletically-built frame to the ideal height, powerful hands, and great elevation, the Jamaican Netballer is difficult to underrate during any crucial clash.

Irene van Dyk – New Zealand

Irene van Dyk, the top striker for the Silver Ferns, is characterized by dedication, a positive attitude, unmatched speed, deft passing, and exceptional footwork. Sadly, there were reports that Van Dyk is thinking of calling retirement, but the team management has clarified that she is still very much available for the national squad. It would be entertaining to witness Van Dyk score perfectly during the upcoming Commonwealth Games for the Silver Ferns.

Renae Hallinan – Australia

Hallinan is among those few netballers who master playing in two different positions, surprising the opposition and adding pressure by launching shots with several dimensions. The recently concluded t Constellation Cup or the last ANZ final are great examples of her improvised gameplay. Even though the Australian superstar was ruled out of the 2010 Commonwealth games and sidelined from the team for the next two years, her late-year comeback is quite inspirational for all young netballers out there.

Laura Geitz – Australia

If you don’t know much about netball, it’s impossible to comprehend the significance of Laura Geitz. The best performance of the ANZ Final this year is evidence of his dedication, growth, and ability to adapt to the game. In the eye of many Netball experts, Laura is the best-ever Defender who can demolish the opposition attacks by intercepting through nearly impossible athletic drives. As Laura is appointed as the new captain for diamonds, fans and team management is expecting thoroughly exceptional performances for her.

Maria Tutaia – New Zealand

The unbreakable Maria Tutaia sneaks on our list due to her graceful and unflappable performances in late years. The long-range shooter is impossible to stop when swinging in full rhythm. Notably, Tutaia’s playing skills are quite impressive though, she stands at 188cm, and her ability to take on high balls on run and shoot from the center of the circle is never easy to understand. Tutaia’s permanent commitments to the game and her consistent fierce performances are evident in the Finals of the ANZ Championships.

Natalie Von Bertouch – Australia

The former Australia captain deserves a spot on our list, even if she recently announced her retirement from international netball. Natalie Von Bertouch She has undoubtedly dominated the netball world for the past two years and is considered to be one of the best netball captains the Australian National team has ever had. Natalie’s gripped defensive and attacking positions and great understanding of the ball, make her unbeatable inside the court play. It is pertinent to mention that she won various Iconic Awards during his international career for her admirable services to the team.

People also Ask

Q: Which is the hardest position in Netball?

A: According to most experts, Wing Attack is the hardest position to play though players in this position earn minimal acclaim. Technically, players on this point ran continuously forward and backward or around the court to avoid the ball touching the ground.

Q: Is height important in Netball?

A: Height is crucial for Netball athletes, and most franchises prefer playing tall players in their teams. Players must leap into the air to cross the ball over the hanging net in the middle of the court, and height is a requirement for a perfect shot.

Q: Which is the best Women Netball Team?

A: As of 2023, Australian Women’s Netball Team ranks top with 6,601 points and 200 ratings. Surprisingly, New Zealand, with 7,560 points and 194 ratings, is in the second spot, followed by England, with 6,872 points and 181 ratings.