Top 5 Best Men’s Batminton Players Of All Time (Updated List 2023)


Badminton is one of few sports with dual recognition as Recreational and Competitive. From fun backyard matches with family to international stages, including the Olympics, Badminton is densely famous for its friendly and accessible nature.

Interestingly, the equipment list for Badminton is not just compact but cheap too. All you need is a pair of rackets, a shuttlecock, and a net in the center, while an open wide playing field is mandatory to enjoy this sport to the fullest.

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The playing rules of Badminton are also too straightforward, which remains the same whether playing single or in a duo. Your prime goal in this game is to hit and drop the shuttlecock into the opponent’s court to claim a point.

Like any other Sport, Badminton has passed through a long evolution to reach its most refined form in the modern era. However, the game’s origin dates back to 20,000 years when it was played as a recreational activity and was known as Battledore and Shuttlecock.

In the 19th Century, a better version of Battledore started to gain unprecedented popularity among upper-case English Natives. But the game was played as an outdoor activity in which shuttle cock is deflected back and forth between two players without a Net.

In the same era but in a different location, India, the serving British Officers were playing this game with the added rule to make it more interesting. They introduced a Net and Scoring System to modify this sport into a Competitive one.

After returning to their country, the British Officers introduced the altered Battledore to the Duke of Beaufort in his home Badminton, after which the sport adopted its present name. In 1899, the first-ever All-England Championships took place, which later became the reason for the spread of this sport to the rest of the world.

While acknowledging the insane popularity of this sport in Asia, South America, and Europe, the International Badminton Federation was established in 1934 to host Badminton Tournaments and Competitions among athletes from different nations.

In 1972, Badminton was inducted at the Munich Games as a Demonstration Sport. And after twenty years, it became an integral sports category at the 1992 Barcelona Games, with added playing formats, including Men’s Singles/Doubles and Women’s Singles/Doubles.

In addition to the Olympics Games, the governing body of Badminton also stages multiple other International Badminton Tournaments and Leagues, including World Junior Championship. BWF World Senior Championships, Thomas Cup, Uber Cup, and Sudirman Cup.

Top 5 Best Men’s Badminton Players of all Time

Shorting after achieving utmost success in International Fields, the game of Badminton attracted a wave of talented athletes from all regions of the world, who stunned the fans with their immense skills and passion.

Surprisingly, the sport gained even more popularity among Women; therefore, IBF introduced the Female Categories for all prominent sports events, including the Olympics, World Cups, and other International Tournaments.

Anyway, because we’re writing about the Best Men’s Badminton Players of all Time, here is the list. It is worth mentioning that the Top 5 Badminton Athletes picked by us are ranked while considering various factors.

Of course, we have ranked Badminton Players while pondering their Career Wins and Defeats, numbers of championship victories, appearances at the Olympics, and above all, their on-court tactics and skills-set.

 Sr.No Athlete Name Country
1 Lin Dan China
2 Lee Chong Wei Malaysia
3 Taufik Hidayat Indonesia
4 Rudy Hartono Indonesia
5 Morten Frost Denmark

Lin Dan

  • Won Nine Major International Championships
  • Five Gold Medals in the World Badminton Championships
  • Two World Cup Tittles & Two Consecutive Olympic Medals
  • Five Gold Medals in the Singles and Team Categories in Asian Games

Lin Dan, also known as Super Dan in badminton circles, is not just marked as the Best Badminton Player ever hailing from China but the greatest of all times due to his immense talent and success rate.

Perhaps, Dan has a unique playing style as he likes to play risky shots to confuse opposing athletes; however, each of his attempts packs pinpoint accuracy and always lands on the edge of the slides.

During his professional career, Dan seized nine International Championships along with Five Gold Medals in the World Badminton Championships and Two Consecutive Olympic Medals. Moreover, it bagged the World Cup titles two times and was also named the Male Athlete of the Year by China’s top-notch television network in 2010.

Lee Chong Wei

  • Remained Number One Badminton Player for four years
  • Five Gold Medals at the Commonwealth Games
  • Three Silver Medals at the Olympics Games
  • Won Penang Sportsman Award eight times
  • Named Player of the Year by the Badminton World Federation Five times

Lee Chong Wei has an inspiring background story because he spends most of his young age playing basketball. However, he transitioned into Badminton after his mother deemed basketball a forbidden sport.

Nevertheless, Chong Wei stunned the world with his immense learning skills that let him make a smooth shift from basketball to badminton and acclaimed the title of the World’s Best Badminton Player to ever Live.

At his career’s peak, Wei remained in the number-one spot on Badminton Rankings for nearly four years. In addition, he bagged five gold medals at the Commonwealth Games and Three Silver Medals at the Olympic Games.

Notably, Lee Chong also won the Penang Sportsman Award eight times and was named the Player of the Year by the Badminton World Federation five times in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, and 2016.

Taufik Hidayat

  • Six times winner of Indonesian Open Championships
  • Won 27 International Titles
  • Keeps the record for the fastest hit speed (190 MPH)
  • Three Gold Medals at the Asian Champions
  • Won Men’s Singles Title at the 2004 Olympics

Even though Indonesia has granted the world some greatest badminton players, for most fans, Taufik Hidayat is arguably the Best of all. Of course, Hidayat possesses the skills to render his opponents helpless by playing out-of-the-world striking smashes.

It is pertinent to mention that Hidayat dominated the courts in the same era when Lin Dan was doing similar. Both players came head-to-head on many Championship occasions, and their rivalry considers highly contested in this sport.

Taufik Hidayat is the only Indonesian player winning the Open Championship six times in addition to 27 International titles. In addition, he had three Gold Medal wins at Asian Championships and a Gold Medal at the 2004 Olympic Games.

Rudy Hartono

  • Won All-England Badminton Championships Eight Times
  • Winner of the International Badminton Federation World Championship
  • Won a Gold Medal at the 1972 Olympic Games
  • Champion of four Thomas Cup Gold Medals

Rudy Hartono is another top-ranked Badminton player who hails from Indonesian soil. Interestingly, Hartono’s career achievements are only trailed that of Taufit Hiyadat so far in the Indonesian Badminton scenario.

Although Hartono dominated the Badminton courts during the 1960s and 1970s, he is still one of the most skillful players, primarily for his stunning footwork, precise in-court aims, and blistering shots at a high pace.

In the spotlight, Rudy Hartono won the All-England Badminton Championships eight times while also bagging the International Badminton Federation World Champion in 1982 and a Gold Medal in the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany.

Morten Frost

  • Ruled the Badminton’s top rankings for 12 consecutive years
  • Four times Champion of the All-England Badminton Championship Open
  • Only fourth player to induct into Europe’s Badminton Hall of Fame
  • Holds the record of spending five years without being defeated by a European player

In the eyes of most lovers, Morten Frost is a born champion as he never set less than winning a major championship. His extraordinary playing skills, when highlighted, the global media didn’t hesitate for a second before giving him the title of Mr. Badminton.

Even though Morten remained unlucky for not emerging victorious at any of the World Badminton Tournaments, he is considered the world’s best player for various other records, glittering on his long-serving career.

During his serving tenure, Frost retained the top three ranks globally for 12 consecutive years, while he won in at least one category for every International Badminton Tournament. He is also the four-time champion of the All-England Badminton Championship Option.

To your amazement, Morten Frost is just the fourth Badminton Player added to Europe’s Badminton Hall of Fame in 2016, while he also keeps the record of not losing a single match against European counterparts for five consecutive years.

People also Ask

Q: Which player has the record for the Most Men’s World Badminton Championship Wins?

A: The record for winning the most Men’s World Badminton Championships titles is currently shared by Lin Dan and Park Joo Bong, as both players have five victories so far. However, Lin Dan has won those titles in the Men’s Singles Categories, while Park Joo titles came from two different formats – Men’s doubles and Mixed Doubles.

Q: Who is the King of Smash in Badminton?

A: In a widely popular view, Liem is the King of Jumping Smash, a type of stroke considered highly offensive and aggressive in Badminton. Although many young players are good at Smash, Liem’s unique technique with precise aim and high-air jump effectively contributes to turning his stroke into Unplayable.

Q: Which is the hardest shot in Badminton?

A: The Smash is the hardest shot to pick and reply in Badminton for various reasons. Above all, smashes hit at a high pace and angled downwards, making it impossible to play, especially if you’re a beginner in this game.