Bruno Fernandes Net Worth 2023: Wife, Girlfriends, Salary & Income


Born in November 10, 1991, Portuguese professional footballer Bruno Fernandes is a defender for Sporting Lisbon. He was born in Sines and played as an attacking midfielder before moving to defence. His football career started at the age of 8 when he joined Sporting’s youth system.

Bruno Fernandes Estimated Net Worth

Birth Place Maia, Portugal
Father’s Name Jose Fernandes
Mother’s Name Virginia Borges
Star Sign Virgo
Net Worth £6million
Age 26
Date of Birth 8 September 1994
Nationality Portuguese
Position Midfielder
Youth Clubs Infesta, Boavista, Pasteleira (Loan), Novara
Senior Clubs Novara (2012-13), Udinese (2013-16), Sampdoria (2016-17), Sporting Lisbon (2017-20), Manchester United (2020-Current)
Achievements Taca de Portugal (2019), Taca da Liga (2017-18 and 2018-19), UEFA Nations League (2018-19)
Wife Ana Pinho
Children Two
Sponsorships Nike
Social Media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

Bruno Fernandes Net Worth

He made his first-team debut on August 27th 2010 against Académica Coimbra where he came off the bench as a substitute in the 83rd minute for Vieirinha. At such a young age, Fernandes has already won many awards including two Portuguese championships (2011/12 and 2012/13), one Taca de Portugal (2012/13).

Brazil’s new captain, Bruno Fernandes is one of the best footballers in the world. He was born on September 29th 1991 and since then has been playing for Sporting Lisbon as a midfielder. His net worth according to Forbes magazine is $10 million dollars, which he earned from his performances as a footballer with some endorsements thrown in for good measure.

The Brazilian international player took over as captain at Sporting after more than two decades of leadership by Cristiano Ronaldo who recently left the club to play for Juventus in Italy. One of his most notable achievements so far is getting Portugal into their first ever World Cup final back in 2018 where they lost to France 1.

Bruno Fernandes Endorsements

The Portuguese footballer, Bruno Fernandes has an estimated net worth of $6.5 million according to some sources. He currently plays as a midfielder for Sporting CP and the Portugal national team. As of January 2019, his salary is reportedly $7 Million per year with endorsements earnings at around $2 million annually.

His current contract lasts until 2021 where he earns €4.5 Million after tax per season which equates to about £3 Million before tax each year in England or £1.8 Million before tax each year in Spain. He also has sponsorship deals with Nike, Adidas, Nissan and Samsung among others that bring him another €500k.

Bruno Fernandes Wife/Family

The world of football is a huge industry and it’s no surprise that there are plenty of players who make millions from their work. One player who has been making headlines recently is Bruno Fernandes, the captain for Sporting CP. In this article we will be looking at his net worth as well as all aspects relating to his career.

To start with, how much does he earn? As a professional footballer, Bruno earns around €40k-€50k per week in wages before tax which makes him one of the richest athletes in Portugal. His annual salary can range from €4 million to €8 million depending on bonuses and other factors like Champions League successes etc.