Exploring the Science behind “Strange Face Masks” Used On-pitch by Players in FIFA World Cup


Just In: If you’re watching the FIFA World Cup, you might spot that players like Son Heung-min, Joško Gvardiol, and Ellyes Skhiri are wearing strange face masks and wondering what they are for; Let’s explore the mystery behind those Unusual Sporting Covers.

Many people are comparing these masks to Hannibal Lecter and the Phantom of the Opera; however, these strange Facial Gadgets are not promoting the Fashion Streams; instead, they are highly-advanced protective devices.

These Polycarbonate face masks protect footballers already having facial injuries while eliminating the risks of further damage. Perhaps, the manufacturers of those masks use 3D Printing Technology that perfectly fits the contours of each athlete’s face.

Firstly, the fans noticed Croatian Footballer Joska Gvardiol wearing a black face mask against Morocco last week and again on Sunday against Canada. Notably, the centre-back left had a collision with his teammate, and later scans confirmed his broken nose, after which he decided to wear this distinct mask.

In another identical incident, the South Korea’s Son Heung-min fractured eye-socket during Champions League Clash, causing his immediate transfer to the hospital. However, Son returned for the national side using Protective Mask.