F1 rejects Portimao as Chinese GP Replacement


Just In: The rising concerns of COVID-19 in China have impacted the scheduled return of Formula 1 to Shanghai after a gap of three years, as the F1 confirms it is impossible to host the competition in April due to a sudden rose in pandemic effects.

However, the F1 also denied all rumors that Portimao had been selected as an alternative to the 2023 Chinese Grand Prix, stating that the management is looking at other options to fill the spot left vacant on the 2023 calendar by the cancellation of the Chinese Grand Prix.

“Formula 1 is monitoring the alternative options to replace the slot on the 2023 Calendar after the cancellation of the Chinese Prix. We will provide an update on this in due course, while Portimao is not picked as a replacement so far,” the statement said.

Sources also claimed that Auto Motor und Sport believes that it is “Nonsensical” for F1 to go from Australia to Portugal and then to Baku. The cancellation of the Chinese Prix means there will be a four weeks gap on the 2023 calendar. However, Formula 1 management is thinking of two other options – either Moving Azerbaijan forward by two weeks or cancelling the Chinese Prix without replacement.

It is pertinent to mention that a host of Portuguese Motorsport Commentator Joao Carlos Costa has claimed through Twitter handler that Portimao is the preferred location and should take the place of the 2023 China Calendar.