FIFA Bans Wearing “OneLove” Armband by European Captains in World Cup


Just In: FIFA has barred the Captains of various European Teams from wearing “OneLove” armbands at the World Cup; otherwise, they would receive Yellow Cards. According to a Joint statement by FIFA, Players violating rules would face Sporting Sanctions.

Around 10-European Football Teams, including Netherlands, England, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Wales, Sweden, and Switzerland, are participating in the “OneLove,” a campaign to promote inclusion and oppose discrimination.

However, the associations of all those countries – part of the campaign have made it clear in a joint statement that none of their teams would wear Spriped Heart Armbands during the upcoming matches in Qatar.

The summary of combined declaration is that the FIFA will impose strict sporting sanctions if our team skippers wear the Armbands on the Field.

“Being National Federations, we’re responsible for our Teams, and we can’t force our players in a situation where they could face sporting sanctions, including bookings, so we have told our captains not to wear the armbands during FIFA Games.”

“We are willing to pay the penalty that would typically impose for violating the kit restrictions because we have a strong commitment to wearing the armband. However, we don’t want to put our players in a position where they might get in trouble or possibly forced off the pitch,” the statement added.

It is pertinent to mention that the decision to Banning Armbands in Qatar came hours before England played their opening match against Iran and Netherlands against Senegal.