Formula 1 keeps “Strict” approach on Russia, says Popov


Just In: Amid the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Russian sports fans continue to face severe restrictions on attending numerous sporting events. Recently, top Russian sports journalist and F1 commentator Alexey Popov stated that F1 would maintain a hard stance on Russia.

Alexy Popov believes that Formula 1 will not soon make a comeback on Russian television. Notably, the Ukraine Conflict caused Nikita Mazapin and his sponsor Uralkali to leave Haas earlier this year. Meanwhile, Ferrari also lost its relationship with Kaspersky, leading to the cancellation of the Russian GP at Sochi.

The issue worsened when Liberty Media terminated its telecasting agreement with Match TV, leaving Russian fans with no way to watch the Grand Prix live on television. Additionally, live streaming options are already axed across the country.

While talking to a Local Sports Channel, when Popov was asked whether the Deal with F1 might restore at some point, the Match TV’s F1 Commentator replied, “To be honest, I don’t see any prospects for television contract in Russia,”

“The officials of Formula 1 keeps strict stance than anyone on this issue. If you look, here in Russia, we can still watch most of the similar things – like nothing has happened. The World Cup is still on – we’re watching that,” he concluded.