George Groves vs Chris Eubank Jr Prize Money 2023 Purse Payout (Officially Confirmed)


The first fight of successful well known “Word Boxing Super Series” is going to be held between George and Chris Eubank on 17th February, 2018 at Manchester Arena on Saturday. There is no doubt that this fight owns stakes of millions of dollars as the estimated amount is near about $50 million (confirmed) so far. This is also one of the most awaited fights in “World Boxing Super Series” that would finally will be held on 17th February, 2018.

Chris Eubank Vs George Groves Cash Award (Prize Money) Purse Payouts:

The mega event “World Boxing Super Series” is divided into two parts, one is “Super Middleweight” category and the 2nd is “Cruiser-Weight” category, while the total prize money consisting of both categories is approximately $50 Million which would be equally distributed to the winners from both different categories. On the counter side, the fighter would be paid on the basis of per match too, Super Middle-Weight category has higher price of per match than the cruiser weight category.

Prices Distribution:

According to the format of price distribution, the winners of this championship will be rewarded with $6 Million each, while the price of per fight will be announced later as the event approaches to it’s end. The first round matches will have $2 million purse for each fight that would be divided into fighters on equal basis. Semi-Final stage has $4 million for each fight which will be too divided equally into fighters. Final fight is having $9 million total, $3 million will be transferred to the loser, while $6 Million will be awarded to winner.

Sources of Prize Money: Many of the fans are eager to know that from where the prize money would be generated and the answer is obvious that Prize money will be generated through selling the TV broadcasting right potentially. ITV UK has won and lifted the deal of TV broadcasting rights for the live stream duration on the PPV basis. While there are other terrestrial channels in different corners of world. So the TV rights money would generate approximately $50 Million, while rest of the money will be derived from different sponsorship gateways.