ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Rules & SOPs For Cricketers (Officially Explained)


T20 World Cup is all set to take place in Australia from 16th October 2022. A total of number of 16 teams are said to be taking part in this mega cricket team. And, 45 matches including final will be played between these teams.

Rules & SoPs

Keeping in the mind of Covid-19 restrictions, protocols and Sops, ICC have issued Do’s and Don’ts list for T20 World Cup Participating teams, players, staff and management. All the personals involving T20 World Cup, is required to follow these instructions and guidelines.

T20 World Cup 2022 SOPs

With Pandemic Situations becoming worse in India, ICC decided to set Precuationary SOPs during the upcomg World Cup 2022. However, the pandemic is still here and the danger of team members getting infected has not gone. In this regard, The International Cricket Council issued a list of T20 World Cup Sop’s Don’ts.

To ensure a healthy and safe environment, all the players and staff members are required to follow a bio secure bubble. In case of Bio-Bubble Breach all the team members are required to inform Management. So that, Bio-Bubble remains secure for every one.

No Family Members are Allowed

In the past, Cricket Players were allowed to have family members visiting them in the stadium during T20 World Cup matches. However, pandemic has changed a lot. In a bio-secure bubble, all the team players are advised not to meet their family members. This advise is just to protect the security of the bio-bubble. So that, an outsider could not transmit the virus into team players.

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No Meeting Guests at the Hotel

T20 World Cup team players will ensure a bi-secure bubble at they staying hotel as well. And, they are not allowed to meet any other guest out of this bio-secure bubble. One Does not know, if an outsider guest staying at the hotel could carry the virus.

Other guest are not allowed to breach the restricted area where the team members will be staying. These Sops are just taken only to secure the safety of T20 World Cup players.

No Media Person Allowed

Media Persons are not allowed to meet and visit T20 World Cup Players at any cost. The players will talk to the press virtually.

No Spitting On Ball

In the past, bowlers spit on the ball to remove any hard surface on the ball. However, ICC has restricted spitting on the ball, as the bowlers saliva may carry a transmit.

Seven Days Quarantine

All the players will go through a seven day quarantine period before joining the team. This measures is taken by ICC to reduce any virus transmissions.

Bubble to Bubble Transfer

The T20 World Cup players will go through from a bubble to bubble transfer from Hotel to the field. This is to ensure a bio-secure bubble remains intact in any case.

Safe Passages

To ensure a healthy and secure environment, player and staff members will be provided safe passages avoiding any contact with outside persons. This step is taken by ICC so that players should not come in contact with other persons.

Change of Jersey

If a player touches the Jersey of other player, He will have to change his jersey at once.

Sanitize Ball Every Time if it Goes Outside

If the ball goes outside of the field, it has to be sanitized every time before coming into the hands of a bowler. Whenever, the ball goes outside the field, it may come in contact with a Covi-19 positive person. So, the ICC has decided to sanitize the ball before it comes to the bowler.


T20 World Cup is the mega cricket tournament by ICC which is expected to start from 16th October 2022. A large number of teams will participate in this tournament. In this regard, ICC has issued the Sop’s list for Team member to follow. So that, the bio-secure bubble should remain intact and the safety of the team player could be ensured. The Sop’s list carry the instructions and guidelines that each player will have to follow to play in T20 World Cup.