Iran Kit/Jersey For FIFA World Cup 2026 (Revealed & Leaked)


The mega event of football FIFA World Cup 2026 is just hanging around the corner and all participating teams of this tournament looks quite busy in their final preparations. Iran football team has also qualified for the main rounds of this football event and recently Iran has also launched their new kits and jerseys for FIFA World Cup 2026.

Iran football team kits and jerseys for FIFA World Cup 2026 are manufactured by Adidas although Adidas is not the official sponsor of their kits but Iranian football management is purchasing their new outfit from them for FIFA World Cup 2026.

Adidas has designed two separate uniforms of Iran for home and away matches and in last friendly match Iran football team wore that kits and the fans of this football team just fell in love in just 1<sup>st</sup> look of this outfit of Iran football team.

The home kits of Iran is made with the combination of white, red and black colors. The shirts of the kit are in plan white color with red color stripe around the collar and three red stripes across the wings whereas the official logo of Adidas is designed on the right side and the player number is switched in the center of the shirt. The traditional logo of Iran football is placed on the extreme left side of the shirt.

Well the kits for away matches are quite different and unique as these kits more related to the West Brom club uniform as the shirt of the kit is in black color with white stripe around and neck and across the arms whereas the shorts are in blue color.

The new kits and jerseys of Iran football team looks pretty beautiful as the selection of colors combination along with unique designing just dual the attraction of this new outfit of Iran football team for FIFA World Cup 2026.