Lacks Enthusiasm for Whyste, says newly hired Trainer of UK Heavyweight


Just In: After losing two of three last fights, with both on Knockouts, the UK Heavyweight Champion Dillian Whyte has engaged a new trainer to sharpen his fighting techniques in preparation for a few significant contests in the future.

The UK Champion will be trained by US-based trainer and former world champion Buddy McGrit; nevertheless, the first comment made by the new coach suggested Whyte may have made the wrong decision.

Addressing the media ahead of the fight against Jermaine Franklin, the coach made shocking admissions, saying he couldn’t bother to watch any videos of Whyte and that he lacks enthusiasm for the UK Champions despite being hired.

Nevertheless, Whyte listed the startling admission of his coach cold-mindedly and said, “I’m OK with Buddy. Buddy and We’re going good so far. Buddy is a nice fellow. We joke and laugh together. Of course, Buddy is an interesting guy.”

“He never tries to change your natural fight angles. Instead, he understands your style and alters a few things to help make you a better fighter. He doesn’t say a lot. He uses to repeat the same things again and again. It a bit of a ball-ache sometimes, but it’s fruitful – you know what I mean?”, he added.