M3TACUP 2022: The First-ever Virtual Football Event Inaugurated

M3TACUP 2022, organised by Non-Fungible Tournament 11 (NFT11) and Wirtual

Just In: The World’s most prestigious football tournament is currently underway, and fans from all parts of the globe are enjoying and celebrating every moment of this livelier game. Amidst these football lovers, companies like NFT11 and WIRTUAL are working to boost the football craze through their innovative projects.

Recently, NFT11 and WIRTUAL collectively launched a first-ever Virtual Football Tournament named M3TACUP, in which players can compete virtually and physically without borders and win amazing prizes.

The participants of this event do not simply win Digital Assets from M3TAPASS’s Battle Pass System known as M3TAPASS, but the top 11 sides in M3TACUP’s ranking will get prizes totaling US$11,000.

The NFT11 CEO stated, “The NFT11 Metaverse is huge, as we’re striving to include a variety of Web 3.0 features into our metaverse, integrating both the actual and virtual world in the spirit of gaming,” in an interview with Andrew Ling of a News Channel. In this regard, M3TACUP is perfect for everyone who enjoys both football and video games.

“The alliance between WIRTUAL and NTF11 will examine more Web 3.0 world usage prospects where real-world activities will link us with virtual world games, paving the road for Mainstream Adoption. According to James Supacheep, CEO of WIRTUAL, this project will allow users to utilize the application daily, enhancing their happiness, health, and revenue.