Melvin Ingram Net Worth & Earning Of All Times (Revealed) 2023


Melvin Ingram having net worth of $ 20.5 million is counted among the richest NFL players of America. Although Ingram did not appeared in any franchise tag game this season but recent Ingram signed his four years contract with Chargers worths $66 million back in June 2017 and this contract put Ingram on 99th position on the list of world’s richest players as per the reports of Forbes Magazine.

Melvin Ingram Net Worth: $20.5 million

Annual Salary & Endorsement Earnings : $25 million (2018)

As per the details of contract between Ingram and Chargers revealed Ingram signed for $64 Million including $10 Million signing bonus and $34 million as guaranteed and having annual salary of $16 million. Ingram earned basic salary of $11 million till the end of 2017 and this amount exclude also kind of endorsement deals with different sponsors.

Ingram started as professional defensive player for South Carolina GameCocks and selected in NFL drafts of 2012. The real boost Ingram excelled on field was back in NFL season 2015 and 2016 where he represents his best game and earned the award of AFC Defensive Player of the Month for September in 2017 and now Ingram is one of the most popular player to watch in the NFL season 2018.