Men’ Basketball Head Coach of University of Texas booked over Felony Assault


Just In: According to Media Reports, the Head Coach of the Men’s Basketball Team of the University of Texas at Austin, Chris Beard, was arrested and booked under a third-degree felony assault on Monday.

The statement released by Austin Police Department claimed that the Officers responded to a Disturbance Call on the 1900 block of Vista Lane at 12:15 a.m. local time, and Beard was arrested on the spot.

According to the County Sheriff’s Office website, the Beard was taken to Travis County Jail at 5:18 a.m. after being charged with restricting breathing circulation during an assault on a family or household member.

The University of Texas Athletics department also released a statement regarding Beard’s arrest, saying, “The University is monitoring the situation regarding Chris Bard. We are continuing to collect information and monitor the legal process.”

The University pays close attention to incidents of violence against community members. Given the information at hand, the university has removed Chris Beard from his role as the men’s basketball team’s head coach and will withhold his salary until further notice. For tonight’s game versus Rice, Associate Head Coach Rodney Terry will serve as Acting Coach, statement added.