Mess’s PSG to face Ronaldo’s Al Nassr in a Friendly on Jan 19


PSG will play a Friendly in Riyadh on January 19 against a combined team, including Footballers from Al Hilal and Ali Nassr, Ronaldo’s new Saudi Club. Notably, it will be Cristiano Ronaldo’s debut game in Saudi Arabia.

On Monday, the management of Paris Saint-Germain confirmed that they play a Friendly on January 19 against a mixed team of players from Ronaldo’s New Club and Al Hilal, the present Asian Champions League Title Holder.

It is pertinent to mention that the Qatar-owned PSG is touring Saudi Arabia during a two-day break in the region. The PSG’s visit includes various Promotional and Tourist activities, including a trip to Doha for the Club’s Portfolio of Qatari Sponsors.

While recognizing the will of thousands of Fans, the PSG Administration, along Saudi Football Federation, has decided to host a Friendly by the PSG and a Composite team of Al Nassr and Al Hilal.

Perhaps, the real clash will be between long-career rivals Al Nassr’s Ronaldo and PSG’s Lionel Messi. Both Legendary Footballers have ruled the European Football Fields for nearly 15 years, winning the Ballon d’Or 12 times between them.

For your information, the rivalry between the world’s two best athletes started nine years ago when they locked horns against each order in Spain while Messi was playing for Barcelona and Ronaldo for Real Madrid.

After serving for years at Manchester United, Ronaldo left the club in November 2022 by mutual consent and was instantly picked by Saudi’s Al Nassr for one year contract, and he joined the club on January 2022.