5 Beautiful Cricket Stadiums In The World (Updated List 2023)


Cricket is the 2nd most-watched sport globally, having a glittering history that spreads over two centuries. Dating back to the 18th century till today, Cricket has passed through a long evolution, progressing steadily but surely.

Historically, England is the inventor of Cricket and was responsible for expanding this sport gradually across several continents during the British colonization era. Each nation that the British Army toured plays this sport, from the Sub-Continent to Australia, Zealand, and the Caribbean.

In the modern era, this game is playable in three formats – Test, One-Day International, and T20. Of course, the Test is the oldest and purest form of this sport, while 50-over and T20 provide added entertainment to the fans.

Cricket Stadiums are as important to players, fans, and the sport’s governing body as the sport itself. Almost all cricketing nations emphasize building and renovating their Cricket Grounds to the best to attract more portfolios and meet the demands of Official Organizations.

It is pertinent to mention that Cricket’s Governing Body, ICC, evaluates worldwide cricketing stadiums and grades them with ratings – Very Good, Good, Average, Below Average, Bad, and Poor. Grounds with consistent negative ratings are banned for hosting International Cricketing Events.

Any cricket stadium’s beauty and greenness, however, are only assessed through the opinions and suggestions of the audience. Anyhow, here is the list of the Top 10 World’s Most Beautiful Cricket Stadiums.

 Sr.No Cricket Stadiums Locations/Countries
1 Melbourne Cricket Stadium Australia
2 The Lords England
3 Sydney Cricket Stadium Australia
4 Himachal Pradesh Cricket Stadium India
5 The Oval England


Melbourne Cricket Stadium – Australia

Melbourne Cricket Stadium in Australia regards as the Most Beautiful Cricket ground globally, located in Yarra Park Melbourne, Victoria. With around 109 Executive Suits and 100,024 Seat Capacity, Melbourne stadium is owned and operated by Melbourne Cricket Club.

According to stats, the Stadium was inaugurated in 1853 and redeveloped between 1992 and 2006. The first match played on this surface was in 1877 between Australia and England, and the first-ever ODI and T20 playing dates are 1971 and 2008, respectively.

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Melbourne Stadium is the second-largest cricket stadium in the world by capacity and the 11th-largest overall. In addition, it has hosted two Cricket World Cups, in 1992 and 2015, with a maximum of 95,000 spectators per game.

The Lords – London

The Lords Cricket Stadium is frequently referred to as the “Home of International Cricket” by the majority of cricketing lords, and why not? Because it is the oldest serving cricket ground in the world, with the honor of hosting four world cup finals.

The stadium was established in 1814 by Thomas Lord, and nearly after two centuries, the cricket governing organization ICC has entitled it the world’s oldest sporting museum. Lords currently administrate by Marylebone Cricket Club.

Even though the original capacity of Lords Cricket Stadium is 30,100 spectators, the enhancement of seating arrangement has been included in the ongoing ground’s renovation plans which will end by 2023.

Statistically, Lords holds firm significance. Apart from hosting four world cup finals, the stadium has conducted hundreds of Tests, ODIs, and T20Is. However, the ground hosted the first-ever test in 1884 between England and Australia, while in 1972, Lords staged a pioneer ODI and the introductory T20 was played here in 2009.

Sydney Cricket Ground – Australia

Sydney Cricket Stadium is a multi-purpose Sports Stadium in Australia, with max-stats of hosting cricket games alongside occasional stagings of Football and Rugby leagues. The government of New South Wales owns and administrates this ground.

The stadium was established in 1851 and hosted the first-ever Test Cricket between Australia and England in 1882. Meanwhile, the inaugural ODI match played on this surface was in 1979 and the pioneer T20 played on this ground was in 2007.

With high-tech floodlights installed and several enclosures named after legendary cricketers, Sydney Cricket Stadium also hosted the World Cup Semi-Finals in 2015, and it has a maximum capacity of welcoming 48,000 fans during any given match.

Himachal Pradesh Cricket Stadium – India

Himachal Pradesh Cricket Stadium is widely famous for its visual attractiveness, as it situates at an altitude of 4,780 ft, providing picturesque sight for cricket lovers. Notably, it’s a new arrival on ICC’s International Cricket Stadium listings.

The stadium was established in 2003, currently administrated by Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association. With a seating capacity of 23,000, Himachal Stadium has hosted all formats of International Cricket alongside domestic Indian Leagues.

The first Test played on this surface was between India and Australia in 2017, while the opening ODI and T20I hosted here were dated in 2013 and 2015, respectively. Notably, Himachal will also host a few group-stage matches of the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup in India.

The Oval – Kensington London

The Oval Kensington in England holds immense historical value because it was the site of the first-ever test match between England and Australia and the first-ever FA Cup Final. The Oval has also received praise for holding England’s inaugural international football game versus Scotland in 1876.

The Duchy of Cornwall is the present owner and administrator of this stadium. It has a sitting capacity of 27,500, while the ground’s current renovation plans include the up-gradation of seats alongside other works.

The first-ever test match played at the Oval was in 1880 between England and Australia, while the pioneer ODI and T20I hosted on this surface can be dated back to 1973 and 2014, respectively. Additionally, the ground has also staged multiple ICC International Events.

People also Ask

Q: Which is the Largest Cricket Stadium in the world?

A: Presently, Narendra Modi Stadium in Motera, Ahmedabad, India, is the Largest Cricket Stadium in the world, with a seating capacity of 132,000 people during a single match. Notably, this cricket ground is facilitated with State-of-the-Art technologies, such as LED Lights, Multiple Pavilions, and Portable Grass.

Q: Which Cricket Ground has the Best Playing Surface?

A: In the preview of most cricketing gods, The Lords Cricket Stadium, London, contains the best playing conditions of all three formats of cricket. It is worth mentioning that Lords is the oldest cricket stadium, which was established in 1814 and currently administrate by Marylebone Cricket Club.

Q: Which Cricket Stadium has the Largest Boundaries?

A: Melbourne Cricket Stadium, Australia, with 86.235m, holds the record for having the longest boundaries in the world. Surprisingly, the second spot on this list is also conquered by an Australia Ground known as Sydney Cricket Stadium, which has around 72m long boundaries.