Newcastle Updated Fans on Midfielder Bruno Guimaraes Injury


Just In: Newcastle’s Management updated Media and Fans on the injury of midfielder Bruno Guimaraes. Thankfully, the injury was less severe than first perceived, and Guimaraes will return for Carabao Cup Semi-Final next week.

According to Club sources, the midfielder will be fully available for the squad against Nottingham Forest in the Carabao Cup Semi-Final. Guimaraes sustained an ankle injury during a game against Fulham on Sunday, though his side bagged the victory by 1-0.

Guimaraes was seen to be in a lot of pain, so it was initially thought that the injury was fatal. However, after a thorough examination, medical professionals classified Gumiaraes’ injury as a second-degree ankle tear, relieving enormous pressure off Eddie Howe, who immediately suggested going to the transfer market because Gumiaraes’ injury was severe and he needed an immediate replacement.

The Brazilian International ran over on his ankle during the first half at St James’ Park. However, the on-field manager allowed him to play after treatment. Later, Eddie Howe admitted that it was a wrong decision and regretted it.

When the star footballer walked down the tunnel, fans saw clear signs of intense pain on his face, perceiving the injury as Torn Ligament. However, Scans have shown that it was a minor ankle injury that will be recovered following a short time rest on the sidelines.

Shortly after the match ended, Howe hinted that Newcastle could go into the Transfer Market, depending on the nature of the injury. However, a sign of relief for the whole club after the injury turned out to be less severe.