Protugal vs Ghana Prediction – 2022 FIFA World Cup


With all eyes on Cristiano Ronaldo’s never-ending saga, Portugal is ready to take on Ghana in their opening quest of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Group H game on Thursday at Doha International Stadium.

Even though Fernando Santos’s sides wrap relatively easy counterparts in the competition section Uruguay and South Korea, the African Nation Ghana doesn’t similarly see things as it’s an uphill task for them to make it for Knock out rounds.

Right now, most of Portugal’s news revolves around one man, the Manchester United veteran Ronaldo, who recently passed disgraced remarks regarding the Old Trafford Club and the matter still hanging between the terms “Sacked or Sue.”

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner would serve as Portugal’s lifeline throughout the competition, not just during Ghana’s quest. Portugal has the title of “Iconic Football Nation,” although, in the previous five events, they were never able to get past the round of 16.

Coming to Ghana, the African nation that missed the 2018 World Cup, they are making its fourth appearance since 2006, while they have only once knocked out the group stage rounds. Notably, Ghana exists the last 2014 World Cup without a win to their name.