Saudi Arabia Team Squad FIFA World Cup 2026 (Lineups)


Saudi Arabia have officially announced their 23-Man team squad for the FIFA World Cup 2026 that is to be started on 14th June, 2026 in Russia. They have qualified for the World Cup after 2010 and 2014 as they missed those world cups. This squad is based on many dangerous players and young talent of the country too.

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The Saudi coach has tried a lot in order to maintain a tough and competitive squad and he got success too. as per to the rules and regulations by FIFA, Saudi Arabia have also placed three goal keepers in their team squad for World Cup 2026 (Russia).

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List of Players of Saudi Arabia & Official Lineups

  1. Waleed Abdullah
  2. Yasser Al Mosailem
  3. Mohamed Al Owais
  4. Mansoor Al Harbi
  5. Saeed Al Mowalad
  6. Yasser Al Shahrani
  7. Motaz Hawsawi
  8. Omar Hawsawi
  9. Osama Hawsawi
  10. Mohamed Jahfali
  11. Hassan Muath
  12. Nawaf Al Abed
  13. Salem Al Dawsari
  14. Salman Al Faraj
  15. Taisir Al Jassim
  16. Abdumalek Al Khaibri
  17. Salman Al Moasher
  18. Housain Al Mogahwi
  19. Fahad Al Muwallad
  20. Yahya Al Shehri
  21. Abdulfattah Asiri
  22. Mohammad Al Sahlawi
  23. Muhannad Assiri

Saudi Arabia Goal Keepers World Cup 2026

Waleed Abdullah, Yasser Al Mosailem & Mohammed Al Owais are in the list of squad. While there are strong chances that Waleed Abdullah would be the main goal keeper on the behalf of his experience and professional career. He has an impressive resistent attitude, while Yasser Al Mosailem and Mohamed Al Owais are also tough to tackle goal keepers.

List of Defenders

The list of defenders in Saudi Arabi is also a dangerous one as they have Mansoor Ali Harbi, Saeed Al Mowalad and Motaz. They have been performing up to the mark for last couple of months.  Osama, Mohammad Jahfali and Hassan are also added in the team squad of Saudi Arabia for World Cup 2026.

Yasser Al Shahrani, Omar Hawsawi, these players will also take part in the World Cup, but staying at defence. So this sort of combination of above mentioned players is quite an attacking and aggressive one, but they have to compete with more than attacking sides of the World Cup.

Midfielders of Saudi Arabia

The list of Midfielders is too lengthy as coach Juan focused on midfielders. According to the newly and officially announced team squad of Saudi Arabia, they have placed Nawaf, Salem and Salman in the midfield position.

While on the other side, Taisir Al Jassim and Abdumalek Al Khaibri are also added back in the team squad and they will be staying at midfield during game as per the System of Saudi Arabia. In order to support the above tagged players, Salman Al Moasher, Housain Al Mogahwi, Fahad and Yahya would be also there at midfield.

Saudi Arabia Forwards (Attacking)

Numbers of players and members in attacking or forward side are only two. Mohammad Al Sahlawi and Muhanna Assiri would be in attacking side of Saudi Arabia.