Saudi Minister Keen to Help Private Bidders for Manchester & Liverpool Auction


Just In: While Manchester United and Liverpool owners are commencing various strategies regarding Clubs Management, Potential Sales of Entire or Partial Shares of the Franchises are on their Watch-list Agenda, with plenty of eager customers available.

Following the scenario, Saudi Arabia’s Sports Ministers have made a significant statement, saying the government will support any Saudi individual or a group from Private Sector who participates in the club’s bid auction.

“Premier League is the most-watched tournament in Saudi and region, and we have got a lot of fans. We will support it if any Saudi Private Sector shows interest because it will promote the positive aspect of sports within the country,” says Price Abdulaziz.

It is important to note that Saudi Arabian investors also own Newcastle United, as the deal was endorsed by the Saudi Public Investment Fund in 2021. United holds third place in the Premier League standings and has been unbeatable for the past three months, while the Magpies have spent almost £200 million on player acquisitions.

Speaking on Newcastle’s performances, the Saudi Minister of Sports said, “They’ve performed quite well, but still a long journey to cover, and they have the right people on board for this purpose. I think the future of Newcastle is bright.”