Top 10 Greatest International Bowlers Of All Time


Get a List of the Best ODI Bowlers of All Time.  The Top 5 Greatest Bowlers of All Times in all three formats of Cricket. Also, get the list of Best Wickets Takers in ODI Format of Cricket. Who is the No.1 Pace Bowler in the World in 2023?

Cricket is the 2nd most famous Sport of the World and no doubt the fans of this game are present in all regions of the world. From the start of this Sport till date, Cricket has introduced many Legends to the outside world whether they are present in the form of Batsmen or Bowlers.

To be honest, Batsmen have always earned Spotlight throughout the history of Cricket. However, there is a number of Iconic Bowlers who succeed to steal Limelight on the behalf of their superb bowling skills on cricket fields.

No doubt picking up the bowling department is not an easy task for cricket players as compared to batting. Strictly rules along with long hours of practicing sessions are the regular part of a Professional Bowler’s career until his retirement

Throughout the history of cricket, many bowlers have merged into this sport. However, there are few bowlers who had displayed their internal skills on International grounds and succeed to achieve unforgettable titles with their names.

Cricket lovers also remember some all times best bowlers due to their huge contribution to this game. These bowlers have proved themselves with Bowl and destroyed the batting line-ups of their opposition on their days.

Here in this article, we have discussed the Best Bowlers of All Time in the history of cricket. Well, some of these bowlers are retired and some are still playing in different formats of cricket. Let’s take an in-depth look at Best Bowlers of All Times.

Shaun Pollock

The right-arm medium-fast bowler Shaun Pollock has played for South Africa International Cricket Team for around 13 years. Due to amazing bowling skills along with dead point accuracy and ultimate pace, Pollock is considered the best bowler of all time in history.

Shaun Pollock started his professional bowling career back in 1995 and got his retirement from the South Africa cricket team in 2008. He has appeared in 108 Test and 303 ODI matches. Pollock has taken 421 wickets in tests and 393 wickets in the ODI format.

Glenn McGrath

The most destructive pace bowler of all time Gleen McGrath belongs to Australian cricket team. From the start of his career till his retirement, McGrath always delivered his level best in each game. With 135 mph speed, this bowler is always considered as a threat for batsmen.

McGrath has played his 1st ODI back in 1993 whereas he announced his retirement from international cricket back in 2007. McGrath holds very impressive bowling figures as he achieved 563 wickets in 124 tests and 381 wickets in his ODI career.

Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram better known as the “King of Swing” is one of the best pace bowlers the Pakistan cricket team has ever found in their squad. Wasim Akram was genuinely left-arm pace bowler but his ability to swing the bowl with maximum pace was imperceptible for batsmen.

The Pakistan pace star has served his nation for around 19 years from 1984 to 2003. Throughout his professional career, he always led his team from the front lines. Akram has played 104 test matches and got 415 wickets whereas he took 502 wickets in ODI matches.

Curtly Ambrose

Have you ever imagined facing a bowler with 6’7” height with the ability to bowl bounce on maximum pace? Well, Ambrose is known for such a bowling style throughout his professional career. Ambrose was a nightmare for batsmen and he has bowled 1000 maiden overs in 98 test matches.

The legendary Caribbean star has played for his team for 12 years. During his professional career, Curtly has played total of 98 test matches and 176 ODI matches. He had achieved total of 405 wickets in tests and 225 wickets in ODI matches.

Sir Richard Hadlee

Sir Richard Hadles is the 1st bowler to get 400 Test wickets during his professional bowling career in the history of cricket. Maximum pace along with accuracy and swing was the best part of Hadless bowling in all formats of cricket.

The veteran Kiwi cricketing star has played a total of 86 tests and 115 ODI matches. Whereas he took 431 wickets in tests and 158 wickets in ODI matches. Richard has got his retirement from international cricket back in 1990.

Muttiah Muralitharan

Well every cricket lover knows this name as Muralitharan is considered as the best spin bowler of the decade. The Sri Lanka spin wizard has taken 735 wickets in his test career whereas he took more than 1000 wickets in his 1st class career.

Muttiah Muralitharan has started his career back in 1992 and he announced his retirement from international cricket back in 2011. Muttiah Muralitharan has played 133 test matches and 350 ODI matches whereas his ODI bowling wickets are 534.

James Anderson

James Anderson is a modern-day pace bowler who plays for England’s national cricket team. James Anderson has earned his name due to his amazing bowling skills, especially in Test cricket matches. James has the ability to swing bowl at maximum pace.

Back in 2002, Anderson opened up his international cricketing career, and currently, he plays in Test and ODI matches. However, Anderson avoids appearing in the T20 format of cricket. He has achieved 584 wickets in his 151 test appearances.

Dale Steyn

The right-handed pace bowler is regarded as the best pace bowler of all time due to his impressive bowling stats. Dale Steyn represents the South Africa cricket team and he is considered as the leading wicket-taker for his side.

Dale Steyn has played his 1st International cricket match back in 2004 and currently, he plays in all three formats of cricket. Dale has taken 439 wickets in 93 test matches whereas he achieved 196 wickets in ODI and 64 wickets in T20 matches.

Dennis Lillee

The former Australia pace bowler due to his outstanding contribution to cricket succeeds to grab our attention. Doubt Dennis is considered the Best Bowler of all time in the history of cricket. Dennis was the only bowler who can swing the bowl at maximum pace.

Dennis Lillee served Australia national cricket team from 1971 till 1984. Throughout his professional career, Dennis has appeared in 70 tests and 63 ODI matches. He had got 355 wickets in Test and 103 wickets in ODI matches.

Shane Warne

Shane Warne is the Best Spin Bowler of all time in the history of cricket. Warne has played for Australian cricket team as a leg-spin bowler. Shane Warne is the only spin bowler in history who has achieved 700 test wickets during his career.

Shane Warne has started his professional bowling career back in 1992 and after playing 15 years of cricket, he got his retirement in 2007. He has appeared in 145 Test and 194 ODI matches. Pollock has taken 708 wickets in tests and 293 wickets in the ODI format.