Top 5 Best Cricket Shoes in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide


Cricket is a worldwide recognized Sport as the fans of this game are uncountable in numbers and spread in all parts of the globe. To be honest, Cricket is worshiped as God in many regions of Asia. Cricket lovers not only follow this game but also show their deep interest in collecting or purchasing Cricket Accessories including Kits, Shoes, Bats, etc for their personal use.

Apart from Kits and Bats, Footwear is considered an important part of all International cricket. Whether you are playing indoors or outdoors, the selection of footwear is very important. You have to choose your Footwear according to the surface you are playing On.

Rubber Spiked Sports Shoes are normally used for Indoor Cricket Matches whereas you have to use Metal-Spiked footwear if you are playing outdoor cricket. Stability, Shock Absorbing Ability, and Grip are the crucial sections to focus on while selecting Cricket Shoes.

For Fast Bowlers, Footwear should have an extra cushion to absorb shock while jumping off the pitch. Stability is tested during the landing of pacers on the field. Proper Ventilation and Durability are other important elements of Best Cricket Shoes.

Well if you are planning to Buy Cricket Shoes then you are in right place in this article we have gathered a list of the Best Cricket Shoes. In addition to this, we have provided all the detailed information to guide you in a proper way.

1. Adidas Adipower Vector Mid Spike Shoes

Adidas is the leading Sports Brand in the World as this company is known for its top-class Sports accessories including Kits, Jerseys, and Shoes. Adidas Adipower is counted among the best cricket spikes so far launched by Adidas.

We have seen that many international pace bowlers including Stuart Broad and Jimmy Anderson are using Adidas Adipower during different matches. Adipower is manufactured with high-quality Leather along with Eva mid-Sole.

2. Puma Evo Speed 18.1 Spike Shoes

Super Lightweight along with durability is the trademark of Puma Spikes. Puma is known for their high-end Sports Accessories and worldwide Sports Players prefer to wear the shoes of this company due to their high-quality material and amazing performance.

Puma Evo Speed Spikes are the latest edition on the market by this company and this footwear is super lightweight due to the usage of microfiber in their manufacturing. The design of these shoes offers more grip and traction force on the field.

3. Thrax Field Power Full Spike

Well, this shoe brand is known for its best and most comfortable spikes with middle-range prices. Thrax Spike shoes are basically designed for beginners as high-quality PU material is used in the manufacturing of this footwear.

Tharx is designed to provide ultimate grip and force on the field with amazing shock-absorbing capabilities. The inner sole of these shoes is made up of cushion EVA and Pylon Material. The outer structure of Thrax allows you to get better stability with maximum traction force.

4. Nike Alpha Accelerate 3 Full Spike

Nike is well known Sports Brands Company and for the last few decades this company is dominating the sports market on the behalf of its extraordinary sports accessories. Nike Alpha Spike shoes are designed for professional cricket players.

This footwear allows you to achieve maximum stability on the field whereas extra durability along with a tough synthetic upper makes these shoes quite amazing in performance. If you are planning to buy professional footwear then Nike Alpha would be the best option for you.

5. Kookaburra Pro 1500 Rubber Stud

Kookaburra Sports Accessories are considered the most popular products among all international players. Kookaburra is known for their best shoes and this company has never compromised on its quality.

Kookaburra Pro 1500 Rubber Stud is the new arrival in the Kookaburra Shoe series and this footwear comes up with a PU base upper along with a super lightweight feature. You can use this footwear for both indoor and outdoor sports competitions.