Top 5 Best Cricket Umpires of All Time [Updated 2023]


Get list of Best Cricket Umpires of All Times. Who is the Best Cricket Umpire in the history of the cricket? List of Best Umpires in ICC Elite Panel is also available here. Get the updated List of Top Cricket Umpires of All Times.

Well Umpire is considered as the most important Personality on cricket field. Indeed Umpires play crucial role in conducting fair and peaceful cricket. No doubt the duties of Umpires on-field are quite difficult and one wrong decision from them might change the face of the game.

From declaring someone Out to Signaling a Six, Umpire always remained in Line of Fire throughout any cricket match. To be honest giving a decision of Out or Not Out for LBW appeal while standing 22 Yards away from Batsmen is not any easy task for Umpires.

In current era of cricket modern technology is playing important role to maintain fair play on field. DRS along with different other technological advancements are now considered regular part of any cricket match. Having said that, still alot depends on Umpires end whether he is on-field or off-field.

Normally three Umpires are selected during any cricket match. Two Umpires perform their duties on field whereas 1 Umpire known as TV or Third Umpire perform his duty Off-field and check all matters referred by Umpires on-field.

Despite of hard and complex responsibilities, Umpiring is still considered as the most attractive department in Cricket. History of cricket has witnessed some Great Cricket Umpires and we are going to discuss Best Cricket Umpires of All Times.

Steve Bucknor

Steve Bucknor stands on top place in the list of Best Cricket Umpires of All Time. The Jamaican Umpire is always known for his mannered and experienced Umpiring behind the wickets. Before choosing his career as Umpire, Bucknor was selected as Football referee. However at the age of 45, he decided to join cricket as Umpire.

Bucknor has appeared as International Umpire in 1989 in a test match between India vs West Indies. During his professional career, Bucknor has Umpired 128 test matches and 181 ODI Matches. He has also received Bronze Bails Award from ICC and Golden Balls Award for umpiring in 100 ODI and 100 Test matches respectively.

Billy Bowden

Well every cricket fan knows Billy Bowden because he holds some real character on-field. The most chilling and entertaining cricket umpire Billy Bowden belongs to New Zealand whereas he made his debut back in 1995. Bowden is known for his dancing gestures to indicate sixes, fours and wickets during cricket matches.

Back in 2002, Billy Bowden was included in ICC Elite Panel due to his brilliant services. During professional career, Bowden has appeared in 84 test, 200 ODIs and 21 T20s matches and got his retirement in 2016.

Aleem Dar

Well this Umpire has always proves beats down technology on field due to his excellent instincts and decision ability. That’s the reason we have placed Aleem Dar on 3rd place in the list of Best Cricket Umpires of all times. Aleem Dar belongs to Pakistan and made his debut in International cricket back in 2000 in a match played between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

After 19 years, Aleem Dar still looks active on-field and getting better by each coming day. Dar has supervised 125 tests, 200 ODIs and 43 T20s under his belt. Back in 2002, Dar was appointed into ICC Elite Panel of Umpires and he has also won Umpire of the Year Award for the three times in his professional career.

Simon Taufel

Simon James Arthur Taufel is an Australian Cricket Umpire and he made his debut in international cricket in 1999 during ODI between Australia vs Sri Lanka and he umpired his 1st International Test match back in 2000 between Australia vs West Indies. Due to consistent and accurate performances, Tauffel has won ICC Umpire of the World for the 5 times in the history.

During his professional career, Taufel has officiated 34 T20s, 174 ODIs and 74 Test matches. Back in 2012, Taufel has announced his official retirement from International cricket and currently he is working as Training manager with ICC. No doubt Taufel was a great Umpire and he deserves 4th place in the list of Best Umpires of Cricket of All Times.

David Shepherd

The most popular Umpire David Shepherd is known for his unique style of standing on one leg when a team reached triple figures score during any match. Well very few people knows that David was a brilliant batsman during his young ages and he has scored 10,000 runs in his 1st class cricket. After getting his retirement from cricket, David has joined as International Cricket Umpire in 1983.

Back in 2002, David was elected in ICC Elite Panel of Umpires due to his brilliant services. During his professional career he has operated 92 tests and 172 ODIs under his belt. He has also officiated ICC World Cup 1999, 2003 and 2007 Finals. After serving cricket fields for more than 20 years, David has announced his retirement in 2005.