Top 5 Best Heavyweight Boxers of All Time Boxing History 2023


Boxing falls in the Combat Category of Sports in which two competitors fight while only using punches. Players wear Boxing Glove and Mouth Guards for enhanced protection, and a match continues until the scheduled time expires.

Like most combative sports, Boxing Fights play inside a squared arena whose corners connect with three layers of rope. According to the rules, a Boxer can’t go outside the ring during a fight; otherwise, he is declared Disqualified.

Each boxing bout involves a stationed in-ring referee who regulates the match. Meanwhile, three judges sit outside and collectively elect the winner through votes at the end of the competition.

In addition to the majority judges’ vote and time expiry, there are multiple other ways to nominate a winner in any Boxing Clash, such as Disqualification, Surrender by a Boxer, or when the referee thinks a boxer is physically unfit to play anymore.

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Many countries from Africa, South America, and Europe conduct various International Boxing Competitions; however, the Amateur and Professional Leagues are famous primarily for their competitive spirit and liberal playing guidelines.

<strong>History of Boxing</strong>

A widely acknowledged historical opinion claims that traces of Boxing exist can be found during 1500 BC on Crete Island, while a few researchers claim that this sport persisted even earlier than that in African Region.

Even though the format of Ancient Boxing was similar to the modern days, it played at open plots with minimal rules, and a fight was often complete with the death or severe injury of one of two fighters.

Over time, the sport evolved and started to gain its refined form. Perhaps, in the 1700s and 1800s, Boxing became intensely famous among European and American natives, and they began to organize Matches and Tournaments.

It is pertinent to mention that the first-ever Boxing game was contested in the 1904 Olympic Season. However, the rules set for Boxers playing in the Olympics are slightly different, as each bout consists of three rounds lasting three minutes each.

Currently, most Boxing Bouts, Players, Tournaments, and other Administrative Matters governs by four International organizations, including the International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, and World Boxing Organization.

Best Men’s Heavyweight Boxers of all Time

As of now, Boxing plays in multiple categories, such as Lightweight, Amateur, and Heavyweight. Unarguably, Heavyweight is the most demanding Boxing Category as it features the world’s best and most highly-skilled Boxers.

Notably, the globe has witnessed some Great Heavyweight Boxers of all Time who just mesmerized with their unmatched skills and playing techniques inside the ring. Here is the list of the Top 5 Best Men Heavyweight in Boxing.

 Sr.No Boxer Name Country
1 Muhammad Ali United States
2 Larry Holmes United States
3 Joe Frazier United States
4 Evander Holyfield United States
5 George Foreman United States
6 Rockey Marconi United States

Muhammad Ali

  • Career Fights: 61
  • Total Wins: 56
  • Wins by K.O: 37
  • Defeats: 5

It is hard to begin our list of the Top Heavyweight Boxers without mentioning Muhammad Ali on top, the legendary boxer, Olympic gold medalist, and three-time champion of the World Heavyweight Championship.

Ali was born in Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr, in 1942 and picked Boxing as a Career at only 12 years of age. After years of practicing and participating in domestic fights, he challenged Sonny Liston for his first-ever World Heavyweight Championship in 1964.

Even though Muhammad Ali was an underdog against seasoned Liston, he defeated him to seize his pioneer Heavyweight Championship Title, and the rest of his career journey is history.

It is worth mentioning that two days later, Ali accepted Islam and adopted the official name, Muhammad Ali. During his professional journey, Ali competed in 61 bouts and won 56, of whom 37 wins came from Knock-0uts.

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Notably, Ali was a pro-active civil rights companion who worked to shield the Black Pride and Black Resistance. During the Vietnam War, he refused to fight, for which he spent five years in prison, and his Championship Title has also retreated.

Ali announced his retirement at 39, while he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at 42. After spending years in treatment, Muhammad Ali died in 2016, but the world still remembers him as the Greatest Boxer in History.

Larry Holmes

  • Career Fights: 75
  • Total Wins: 69
  • Wins by K.O: 44
  • Defeats: 6

Larry Holmes, also known as the Easton Assassin, is marked as the Best Heavyweight Boxer primarily for his commendable defensive tactics. He dominated the Sport during the late 1970s and 1980s after winning the World Heavyweight Championships.

Holmes was a notorious Street Fighter before converting into a Professional boxer at 24. However, he started as a sparring partner for Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier in the organizing Boxing Academy in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Even though it was hard for Holmes to build himself as an Elite Boxer when boxers like Ali and Frazier were already present in the arena, he never gave up and ended up winning the Heavyweight Championship Crown in 1978.

The entire Boxing Career of Larry Holmes comprises 75 bouts, of which he won 69 and lost only six. Notably, 44 of his total victories are from Knock-outs, while he also successfully defended his Championship Title 17 times.

Joe Frazier

  • Career Fights: 37
  • Total Wins: 32
  • Wins by K.O: 27
  • Defeats: 4

The 1964 Tokyo Olympics Gold Medalist, Joe Frazier, has competed in 37 International Boxing Bouts and won 32, making him the most successful boxer of all time. Interestingly, his most wins, nearly 27, came from one-punch knock-outs.

In 1975, Joe competed in the Thrilla in Manila, a highly anticipated 14-round game in which he faced Muhammad Ali. Even though Ali won by TKO, fans appreciated Frazier’s determination against the world’s best opponent.

Having a dream of becoming a Professional Boxer, Frazier left school at the age of 13 and moved to New York City for training, and fought his first-ever bout in 1961. In 1965, Frazier merged as a Pro Boxer and bagged the Heavyweight Championship in 1968.

Before entering the Boxing Arena, Frazier works at a Slaughterhouse where he often punches slabs of meat while dreaming of dominating the Rings one day. His inspirational story is also depicted in the film Rocky.

Evander Holyfield

  • Career Fights: 57
  • Total Wins: 44
  • Wins by K.O: 29
  • Defeats: 10

The Bronze Medalist in the 1984 Olympics, Evander Holyfield, entered the Boxing Field at a young age when he joined the Boys and Girls Club at the age of eight and Cater Morgan introduced him to this sport.

Holyfield won the first Boxing Title, National Golden Gloves Champion, in 1984, while recognized as a professional boxer at 21. In 1986, he seized his pioneer World Championship. During his pro career, he competed in 57 fights and won 44, of which 29 came from Knock-outs.

In 1988, Evander Holyfield was promoted to the Heavyweight Division, where he won WBA, WBC, and IBF Heavyweight titles by the end of 1990. During the peak success period, he was diagnosed with a heart condition and rested for one year before returning to International Avenue.

Among other career achievements, his fight against Mike Tyson, which is also remembered as Fight of the Year and Upset of the Year, is the most highlighted one. Holyfield retired in 2014 after winning the Heavyweight Championship five times.

George Foreman

  • Career Fights: 61
  • Total Wins: 56
  • Wins by K.O: 37
  • Defeats: 5

With 76 career victories of 81 Boxing Bouts, George Foreman is remembered as one of the best boxers of all time. However, things were not favorable for Forman from the start, as he was born in a poor family and became a notorious gang member at 15 in Houston’s Fifth Ward.

However, he was saved by Lyndon B. Johnson Job Corps and sent to California, where he met Job Corp’s councilor, Doc Broaddus, who forced him to pick boxing as a profession. Due to nature talent and hard work, Forman built an impressive amateur career in a limited time and became a pro-boxer in 1969.

Foreman won his first-ever Heavyweight Championship in 1973 and successfully defended the title twice. Even though his entire career illustrates his utmost talent, his fight against Jose Roman is still the talk of the boxing community in which he defeated Roman in 50 seconds, marking the shortest time to beat an opponent in a heavyweight competition.

During his professional career, George Forman appeared in 81 Fights and won 76 while defeated in just five games. Interestingly, a prime portion of his victories, 68, came from Knockouts, and he also won a gold media at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.

Rocky Marciano

  • Career Fights: 49
  • Total Wins: 49
  • Wins by K.O: 43
  • Defeats: 0

Rocky Marciano is probably the only Heavyweight Boxing Champion who hasn’t lost a single fight during his professional career, winning 49 of 49 competitions, while his 43 wins came from direct knock-outs.

Born in 1923, Rocky Marciano was recruited into Army in 1943. He started his Boxing career in the amateur category. In 1948, he turned into a professional boxer, and the rest of his achievements are history.

In 1951, Marciano became a global sensation after defeating Joe Louis, while in 1952, he claimed his pioneer World Heavyweight Championship title and successfully defended it six times. He took retirement in 1956 when he was just 31.

People also Ask

Q: Which Men’s Heavyweight Boxer has won the Most Title Fights?

A: Joe Louis has claimed 27 Heavyweight Title Fights, which is the highest in history. Additionally, he also keeps the world record for the most title defenses in his category and boxing history, with 26 title defenses.

Q: Who is best between Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson?

A: For most boxing lords, Hands Speed and Foot Movement are crucial in any Boxing Bout, and Muhammad Ali mastered both these techniques. Nevertheless, Mike Tyson’s lethal punch power could outshine Ali.

Q: Which Boxers hits the hardest Punch?

A: Ngannou keeps the current record for hitting the poweful puch in the world. While measuring his power on a Powerkube, the machine that calculates punch power, he clocked at a striking power of 129,161.