UAE-based T20 League initiative: Started to Award WWE-Like Belts to Best Performers


It’s an unarguable reality that T20 is the Next Generation Format of Cricket. And, of course, each coming year is summing up more and more T20 Leagues globally. In this race, the value of Innovative Ideas is way more than participants.

For most Leagues organizers, playing cricket on innovative parameters could attract more fans to the sport. In this perspective, the UAE’s ILT20 League has decided to award the top performers with WWE-Style Belts.

In professional WWE, various Belts, such as Championship Belt, Heavyweight, and Lightweight Belts, are given to the winners in a particular division. Following a similar ideology, UAE’s ILT20 management has decided to award belts to top performers in different categories, such as Highest Wicket Taker and Highest Run-Scorer.

The ILT20 Management has introduced two Belts – Green and White Championship Belts. The green belt is awarded to the highest run-getter, while the white belt is given to the most-wickets taker. At the moment, India’s Robin Uthappa keeps the green belt, while the white belt owns Afghanistan’s Mujeeb-ur-Rahman.

Interestingly, three more belts will be awarded to elite performers at the end of the tournament. These belts include a Black Belt for the Winning Team, a Red Belt for the Most Valuable player of the event, and a Blue Belt for the Best Player in the competition.

It is pertinent to mention that the UAE’s ILT20 initiative to replace traditional Cricket Trophies with Championship Belts is inspired by IPL, in which the organization awarded different color Caps to players for their achievements.