Uruguay vs South Korea Prediction – 2022 FIFA World Cup


After witnessing disarray yet woeful results involving Japan and Saudi Arabia’s victories over Germany and Argentina, respectively, the two-time world champion Uruguay will face South Korea at the Education City Stadium on Thursday.

Since joining Uruguay as the new Boss, Alonso has left no stone unturned to rebuild their entire squad, resulting in much-needed qualifying wins against Chile and Paraguay. Nevertheless, a few more positive on-pitch outcomes still need to conquer the Qatari land.

With so many formation ideas, Alonso wants to keep things attacking, no matter whatever it takes. Of course, similar strategies worked when Uruguay emerged positively after handing over humiliating defeats by Brazil and Bolivia.

Meanwhile, Japan faced a turn of worst events just on the verge of the World Cup, with a newly hired manager and an array of the injured athlete, including Son Heung-min, who fractured his eye during the Champions League, has nothing good to feel happy about;

The pressure inserts more as their manager Paulo Bento thinks he didn’t get enough time for 100% preparations for the tournament. Even though their attacking squad struggles, conceding three goals in 10 Matches perhaps prove their solid defense line.

In the spotlight for the last six months, South Korea appeared in six matches, winning 4, while the remaining two ended up a draw. It’s an appreciable performance, which Uruguay might find a discounted point to think on;