Vettel wants a few changes in F1 after Retirement


Just In: Shortly after completing F1’s career last race, Sebastian Vettel points out a few shortcomings in Formula 1 working mechanisms. He also makes some proposals for the sport’s future and calls for greater fan transparency.

The former driver believes that F1 still has open spaces to cover to gain credibility among spectators. With an array of issues that the sport would face in the upcoming years, such as equality and sustainability, Vettel thinks F1 has to charge more steps to make this game Transparent with fans.

Vettel, the former world champion, who took retirement from Formula 1 at the season-ending race in Abu Dhabi, was asked what changes he would like to make in this sport. “I think, in general, more transparency in the sport because I think the world is opening up before suggesting that F1 itself needs to take more actions to meet its own goals.”

“F1 must ensure more transparency and credibility with all the promises and all the things they claim of doing or wanting to do in the future. I think we need to prove that all the stuff we’re up to is for the betterment of the sport,” Vettel added.