Wasim Akram’s Son Becomes Professional MMA Fighter


Just In: While going against a famous quote that says Like Father Like Son, Pakistan’s former speed star, Wasim Akram’s son picked an opposite profession to his father, becoming a professional MMA Fighter in the USA.

The Pakistani spearhead fast bowler has revealed thatTahmoor Akram, his eldest son, chose to pursue a career in MMA in the United States. The young fighter has already appeared for his first bout in the Amateur Circle.

While talking to a Local Sports Channel, Wasim Akram disclosed that Tahmoor is currently in the Amateur MMA Fighter Category in the United States, and his first fight in the Amateur loop has recently concluded, in which he performed impressively.

“My son is in America, and there is not much cricket there. I have given my children the right to live the life they want. If he wants to be a professional MMA fighter, he must, and I am always there to support him,” he added.

The spearhead pacer also revealed that he has no issue with Tahmoor choosing an entirely different career in the Mix Martial Art, and if he wants to become a fighter, he must work hard and follow his goal without thinking of anything else.

Wasim also added that he has provided his Children complete freedom to pursue their goals and dreams or do whatever they think they are capable of; because they are all wise enough to make their own life choices.