World Boxing Association decided to “Reinstate” Russian Boxers but “Conditionally”


Just In: The World Boxing Association has decided to restore Russian Boxers to their original rankings, given that they don’t speak out in support of the Ukraine War. Notably, the WBC Chiefs removed all Russian and Belarusian Fighters after the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

During the Convention Celebrations of 100 years in the sport, the WBA officials confirmed that they would reinstate those who were banned from being rated again. However, they will be removed once more if they continue to support the war in the future.

According to WBA’s statement, “The World Boxing Association, after deliberations with Championships Committee and Ratings Committee, has decided to reinstate Russian and Belarusian boxers to their place in the rankings.”

“The athletes from respective countries are not troops or officials. They are therefore, unrelated to the conflict with Ukraine. However, it is cleared that any fighter who publicly supports the war or participates in it will be removed without delay”.

The decision is made for the sake of the sport and the affected fighters’ careers since they will return to the rankings and compete for WBA titles. Notably, the WBA meeting took place in Orlando, Florida, on December 11 at the Caribe Royale Hotel.